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6'2", 175, Training 15 Years. Starting First Cycle

6x10 can be for hypertrophy. I think if your only resting 45 seconds between sets, that it will turn into cardio.

In general, programs that are all the same reps and sets for every exercise are not close to optimal. I think your lower body lifts reflect this. Also resting the same amount of time on a squat set and on a bicep curl doesn’t make sense. Squats sets should be hard to the point that there is no possibility of doing another set in 45 seconds.

I think doing 5x5 on your compound lifts would be an improvement. Take your time on them, get form down. You just don’t seem to be pushing hard enough on the big lifts.

I would encourage you to learn how to improve naturally now. Learning what will make you grow or get stronger is very important to long term results. I think running a well structured program for a while would help a ton.

Thank you for the feedback. Yes, for the longest time I was afraid to do deadlifts and squats. I focused mostly on machines.

I joined a gym that uses Smith Machines, so I’m more comfortable deadlifts and squats in that. I know its not ideal/easier…but makes me feel i’m not going to hurt myself.

I’ve made another post to help with my workouts.
I want to build muscle, 175lbs, 6’2", 15% body fat

Because 52 weeks is 3.4x as long as 15 weeks. Time has a meaningful impact on progress.

So its a 22 week cycle, when including 3 week before PCT and 4 week PCT. So i’m including those 7 weeks.

I think losing 10lbs of fat in 22 weeks, most would say that you can do that. Being it is lose 0.5 lbs a week.

And then gain 15lbs in 22 weeks, that is gain 0.7 lbs of muscle a week. Which may not be possible.

How much muscle can one expect in a 15 week Test E / 22 week full cycle? I guess I thought 15 lbs of lean muscle seemed doable for first cycle.

Yeah x2 w everyone else says you’re being lazy/retarded

Run through Tnation programs and read some Dan John articles, you can get this in 6 months no gear needed.
This a good start…

Time for a reality check.

Your first two weeks on cycle your test will start to get pretty high, but you won’t be at peak levels. That’ll happen week six. From there you run balls-out until week 15. The three weeks off is good (you actually did the math unlike most others), but by the middle of that second week your test levels will be getting low. Counting PCT as part of the cycle is not how it works. Weeks one and two of PCT you’ll be functionally an 80 year old man while training. The day before you start will be the lowest your testosterone has been since you were a child. You’re going to have to fight to hold on to every ounce of muscle you gained.

The laws of thermodynamics apply to you, too. Those aren’t just for the rest of us. You’re describing recomposition, colloquially called recomp. It is unbelievably hard to pull off without the right combination of drugs. For pretty much everyone it’s simply another way to describe spinning your wheels. Can it be done without all the extra drugs? Sure. But it takes someone who is skilled at eating and training and has a next level understanding of their body. It’s not for the casual user.

You need a surplus of calories to gain muscle. You need a deficit of calories to lose fat. Those two things are generally irreconcilable unless you have the kind of tools that create better efficiencies in nutrient partitioning. Testosterone is great for building muscle. It’s not at the top of the list for recomp purposes.

If you used your first six weeks to cut hard and lost 10lbs you’d have half your goal met. Now putting on 15lbs of muscle in the next 10-12 weeks is going to require some serious work and a shitload of eating. During that time you’ll doubtless put on some fat. How much is anyone’s guess. But the reality is that if you want to land where you plan to you need to drop something closer to 15lbs of fat by week five or six if you want to net out +15 muscle/-10 fat. Please don’t think that what you’re expecting to happen is simply to happen because you’ll have lots of testosterone in your system. It simply isn’t magic. This is not to discourage you. It is to empower you to set realistic expectations and then achieve them.

Totally doable. It’s the -10lbs of fat that’s absolutely fucking up your plan. Now if you cut that first and walked into your cycle at 165 then yeah, ending at 185-190 after and somewhere around 178-180 after PCT is over would be totally feasible.

Stop stealing my lines bro.

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Why not spend the next 6 months to a year trying to build something the old way and rethink your decision afterward? At the moment you should be able to put 40lbs at the same bf (over 5-10 year i must say) but if you can’t gain 5lbs without gear within the next year, you won’t benefice AT ALL from the gear