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6'2", 175, Training 15 Years. Starting First Cycle

Hello, just posting as I’m about to do my first cycle. I’m 35, 6’2", 175lbs, 15% body fat…been lifting on and off last 15 years.

Bench = 175 10 reps × 6 sets
Deadlifts = 185 10 reps x 6 sets
Squat = 185 10 reps x 6 sets

My lifts are not great I know. I’m hoping to get some big gains on this cycle. I have a mesomorph body, no visual abs at this point.

I’ll be running 500mg Test E per week for 15 weeks. First time pinning, 250mg 2 times a week. Planning to use a 1/2 inch needle to do delta…and I have a 1inch to do glutes. I’ll see what injection is more doable.

I have arimidex on hand. I also have clomid and nolvadex for pct.

Wk 1-15- test e 500mg per week (250x2)
Wk 16-18 - take 3 week break…still lifting
Wk 19-22- 40/40/20/20 nolva ED, 100/100/50/50 clomid ED

Arimidex I was planning to take .5 E3D starting week 1, same as when I pin. Ive read that you only need AI if show sides, but also read an AI is better before show sides plus helps with free test.

I plan to get blood work after pct to make sure test is back to norm.

I’m excites to try this. I hope I can add 15lbs muscle putting me at 190lbs…and take my body fat to 10% and get abs.

I was thinking in my PCT I will buy Clen and do 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off and buy MK677 to still keep gains.

Diet wise = 2500 calories…180G protein, 250G carb, 80G fat
I basically love chicken, veggies, eggs, and milk. Will be cooking at home.

Workout = I do 2 different workouts. I go 5 times a week to gym. I usually do 10 reps for 6 sets.

Workout 1:
20 min walk 3.5 speed 15% incline
Bench press, deadlifts, triceps pulldown, seated triceps push, shoulder press
10 min abs

Workout 2:
20 min walk 3.5 speed 15% incline
Squat, Lat pull down, pull ups, row, bicep curl
10 min abs

Thoughts on this first cycle?

Ideal physique…Thor/Captain America or Tarzan

squat (using smith machine)
Pull ups, Lat pull Down, Rows, Shoulder Press

This isn’t meant to be mean or cruel but 15 years and these are the lifts? These are not even novice level lifts my friend. How long have you been lifting consistently for at this current time?

Pick on or the other. If clomid cut both doses in half.

If you are going to start with an AI right out of the shoot I would cut this in half as well.

Nope nope nope. Use this time to add some mass. 6’2" at 175 lbs is small. You’re not going to drop 5% BF and gain a bunch of weight. Focus on the mass gains which on that note…

This is not near enough IMO. I maintain on about 1000 calories more than this and I’m 5’7" 200lbs.


6’2 175lbs is very small… I weighed that when I was 17 and I am the same height. Your workouts and nutrition must not have been adequate or consistent if you haven’t added any mass naturally after 15 years…

Get your bloodwork checked and see if TRT is an option. That will do more than a few 500mg cycles will if you aren’t eating enough or training right as you’ll lose most everything when you stop and will want to jump right back on every time.


I don’t want to offer judgement or criticism but how exactly are you a mesomorph?
35 could be too early for TRT but consider it as you should be getting bloods done anyway.

How much mass have you added on naturally? 6’2", 175lbs, 15% body fat sounds like a starting point.
I think a cycle may be pointless, as I doubt you will keep any gains, or make as many gains as you expect. Your diet is off, or you are a non-responder, or both.


You’re under-eating now. You will under-way in cycle. You will not gain (and keep) nearly as much as you think. This will end badly. Rethink this plan.

I have to agree with the others. I know it may come across as hypocritical for any of us to say “don’t use steroids yet”, but speaking from experience (as I am certain all of the others are) I think it is a good idea to get your diet and training in check first.

My first true cycle of injectables I did not have good nutrition habits AT ALL, and my training was actually really heavy, but not well laid out and had no plan, so I would keep maybe 25% of the strength gains at best. I graduated high school at 6’1" and 175 lbs. and got all the way up to 250 over 12 years of training (albeit a fat 250, but most likely top 5% strength in the “box gym”).

I think the best thing you can do right now is eat LOTS of (clean) food. If you don’t mind gaining slowly to stay really lean, add 400-500 calories at a time until the weight stops accumulating. If you wanna get huge quick (but likely add a few percentage points body fat) then add 1000 calories.

The reason I believe that everyone is suggesting to wait on the Test is because you can make phenomenal “noob gains” just by increasing calories and you don’t have to worry about overstimulating your androgen receptors and you don’t have to mess with side effects or shutting down your own natural production.

If you insist on injecting, the general consensus for a first time “safe” cycle is test only, and then PCT as @blshaw suggested. You’ll still need to add those calories if you want to make any real progress.

Not particularly, serious endocrine abnormalities can occur in those below the age of 35. Hell, some kids have clinically significant hypogonadism (typically induced by underlying etiology like a pituitary adenoma, klinefelter’s syndrome etc). Sometimes however hypogonadism has no discernable cause.

TRT shouldn’t be refused to a patient upon the basis of his age. If there’s a need, there’s no need to discriminate.

Hence why I said “could”. It was pretty clear.
I would recommend he undergo more comprehensive tests, should he have low T however. (hemochromatosis etc)

Be honest, how much effort have you put into improving? I am not trying to be an ass, but this does not demonstrate you are ready for AAS. Exercising for 15 years is not training for 15 years.

It is my guess that you have not tried very hard to get better in both exercise and diet.

This tells us very little about your workout. It could be sufficient, or it could be totally lacking. Set, reps, weight are needed. How do you plan on progressing.

Not going to happen. This would probably require 30 lbs of muscle gain, while losing 15 lbs of fat if you have “no visible abs”.

Get your training fixed. Improve your diet. Maybe in a year of proper training you could start to think of doing something like a test only cycle.

Thanks all for the advice. Yeah, ive spent the last year going from 240 lbs to 175 lbs. So I was eating about 1200 calories for the last year, not lifting.

I havent lifted in like 2 years, thus as you can see my lifts are not impressive. I think I have some noobie gains I can easily make.

I’m hoping to get my current lifts to:
Bench: 225
Deadlift: 275
Squat: 275

I’m hoping to hit those lifts by end of the year.

I’m pretty good at cutting calories, but this would be my first time trying to really build mass. I kinda go for the basketball or swimmer body style.

Was thinking I could do a cycle basically to get a bump while I try to get to a certain muscle level. Its possible I’m not a huge responder, because ive never been particularly strong.

Thanks on the PCT advice…ill pick one or the other. I read that nolvadex has less sides…so I’ll start with just that one.

On the arimidex, I’ll just do 0.25 E3D.

Diet wise, yeah I was wondering what you guys thought about 2500…sounds like I should up it to 3000-3500.

But like I said, I’ll try to get some more of my noobie gains first. What do you think lifts should be at before using test?

Does test expire? my delivery should be here in a week.

Feel like I should prep for 6 months first.


I also wanted to add where I am, lifts wise for the workout I do.

Generally I do 10 reps and 6 sets. Then go to next exercise.

Again, I know my lifts are not great. I havent lifted in 2 years. I got fat and weighed 245 and spent this last year getting to 175 lbs.

Below is my workout plan. Hitting chest, back, shoulder, tri, arms, legs

Workout 1:
20 min walk 3.5 speed 15% incline
Bench press, deadlifts, triceps pulldown, seated triceps push, shoulder press
10 min abs

Workout 2:
20 min walk 3.5 speed 15% incline
Squat, Lat pull down, pull ups, row, bicep curl
10 min abs

Current lifts: I know I’m weak/novice. I have a basketball/swimmer body shape currently. Want to get more a Thor/ Capt America or Tarzan body.

All these are 10 reps x 6 sets…this is in lbs
Bench Press= 175
Deadlifts = 185
Squat = 185
Tricep Pulldown = 60
Seated triceps push = 130
Shoulder press = 80
Lat pull Down = 150
Pull ups = 40 lbs assisted machine
Row = 150
Bicep Curl = 70

If I had to list my goals in next 6 months:
Again 10 reps x 6 sets…i dont really do 1 rep Max
Bench Press= 225
Deadlifts = 275
Squat = 275
Tricep Pulldown = 90
Seated triceps push = 160
Shoulder press = 120
Lat pull Down = 190
Pull ups = 0 lbs assisted machine
Row = 190
Bicep Curl = 100

I think I can get to the above goals in 6 months. Going to gym 5x a week. I’m eating 2000 calories now…was going to up to 2500…but I’m being recommended 3000-3500.

I go by the mirror test to see how my body is looking and areas I’m deficient in…which right now is everything haha.

When lifting I basically choose a weight where I can do 10 reps and the last 3 are a bit of a struggle. I usually rest 45 sec between sets.

I’m aiming for a 20lb net swing, -10 fat +10 muscle. This would represent a ~5% change overall. I’m planning on it taking a year to hit that goal. What you’re expecting is beyond unrealistic and deeply entrenched into the world of fantasy (unless you plan on doing multiple cycles with much harsher drugs).

You need at least a solid six months of heavy lifting coupled with eating enough. How many calories are enough? No idea. Start eating and you’ll find out. And as someone who lost a ton of weight years ago, I know that you’re horrified of overeating and getting fat again. That fear eventually goes away. But 1200 calories at your size is what we call an “unhealthy relationship with food”. It lost you a lot of weight, which is awesome, but it has some lasting effects. One of them is the desire to go out and start using steroids when you haven’t even nailed down the basics of muscle building. You’ll get there, but not all at once.

These guys are all haters, go fot it! We need before and after pics, and some pics of your bathroom while you’re at it.


I would say i’m going for a 25lb net swing, -10 fat +15 muscle. Over a 22 week period.

Not sure how your 20lb swing is totally doable, and my 25lb swing is “Beyond unrealistic”…but i regress. I’m reading people are putting on 30lbs in a cycle (albeit water).

But yeah, I do understand that I am going through a transition from 1200 calories back up to 2000 calories. And I will agree I’ve never tried to eat BIG for the purpose of muscle building. But I have been fat…so I do know how to eat…its just making sure its the right type of food.

I’m willing to add some fat during a cycle. Figured test would help me build muscle quicker thats all…I thought that was basically the point of using steriods. I’m getting the feeling that steriods should only be used if you are like 40+ and you already can lift 300lb bench.

On a serious note, your program sucks. Do not do that. If your goal is hypertrophy, then focus on that. If it’s strength, focus on that. What you are planning to do will do neither, honestly. It’s warming up with cardio and then following up with weighted cardio. Go into the Bigger Stronger or Bodybuilding forums and ask for routine help, leave out the cycle info as it is not relevant.


10 reps x 6 sets is cardio?

Do you suggest 5 reps x 5 sets? Can you give a suggestion?

He’s planning on taking a year and using more drugs than you, not one cycle.

I will give lots of suggestions, in the forum for it. This one is Pharma, let’s keep to the subject here. Start a thread in Bigger. Stronger. You will get more input than here from a bigger variety of experience. State your specific short term goal - like “I want to build muscle”, or “I want to build strength” and paste your program in. It will get tweaked wildly and quickly for you.

I literally went from 245 to 175 in one year. A 70lb change.

I think I can lose 10 lbs in 22 weeks and add some muscle. Maybe not 15lbs…but like 8lbs naturally, I still got some noobie gains to be had. Was thinking with steriods it could help me add basically 7lbs in a 15 week cycle.

I don’t know…feels not that hard.