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6'2" 175 lb Skinny Guy Bulking

i wana go on a new bulk and i hope this is enough food.

i’m 6’ 2" 175lb skinny guy. i just don’t want to be gaining much fat thats all.

a rough look at my diet is below. i know it porbably doesn’t have some esentials but usualy thos foods are foods that disgust me.
the diet below is something i know i could follow. i had a diet before that was like perfect kinda thing but i just can’t handle it.
i like did it for only a week…lol i don’t relaly want to stray from these kinds of basic foods.

meal 1:

flax oil capsule
fish oil capsule
vitamin C capsule

2 bananas
protien shake /w milk

meal 2:
brown rice

meal 3:
1 baked potatoe
meadium steak
1 chiekn breast

meal 4:
brown rice
2 baked potatoes
1 chicken breast
1 medium steak

meal 5:
1 chiekn breast
protien shake /w milk

calories: 4000 - 4200

p/c/f %

oh ya… i’m a new member

go buy gourmet nutrition from John Berardi, it’ll help you loads

where’s the vegetables/fruit etc

fruit- apart from bananas…that’ll teach me to skim read

Just go check out Berardi’s massive eating reloaded articles…


I’m almost your height and 195. I still look somewhat skinny, but I dare say better than I looked at 175! Don’t worry too much about fat gain. At 6’2 175, you are pretty much thin as a rail.

I’d say your diet looks okay, but I don’t see why you want to eat brown rice when the goal is to gain weight. White would be a better choice. Also, I’d include some more greasy stuff.

A little (or a lot of) bacon and eggs, the occasional pizza or hamburger. It can only help. People like us (tall ectos) often struggle to gain any kind of weight, there’s no reason to make it even more difficult by limiting yourself to perceived “clean” foods all the time.

Also, I hope that is whole milk you’re drinking.

Addf some good fats Olive oiln nuts etc.

Other then that looks like a good start you really need weight at that build just make sure your gaining and be ready to adjust if needed


Yeah, Phill is pretty much right on.

Track your progress and if you need to increase calories, fats is were it’s at.

Looks pretty good man.

Couple suggestions:

-Piece of fruit at EVERY Meal.

-Try to sneak in another meal. Maybe before bed

-Sip whole milk throughout the day

-On your potatoes, here and there add a tablespoon of olive oil…or hell, some cheese.

-Snack on some nuts here and there. Almonds, walnuts.

I’m the same height as you and started out a little lighter.

My gaining really got going when I began every day with a 800-1000 kcal shake for breakfast. Raw oats, Grow!, milk, water, banana, frozen berries, peanut butter, olive oil, etc.

I’m still using that shake, sometimes twice a day now.

Where are the eggs, dum dum?

thanks guys for the great input. i will do what u guys told me. this diet is with 2l of water too. this actualy isn’t the first time i started lifting its just that i actually stoped lifting, lost motivatoin and stuf… right now i’m just trying to get back to lifting. can’t waite to start the diet.

belwo is a pic of me at 155 before i started to lift and at 175 after 4 months of serois training. the diet was just kinda estimated in my head. so its been 4 months out of that 1 year that was seriuose lifting. everything after the 4 months was just on and off.

i’ll post pics of my progress. try not to laugh at my pics…lol

and here is one at 174

youre eating like you wanna cut fat.You need to eat everything.Eat till you are uncomfortable.I am 26 now and i started lifting when i was 16 and probably about 6’1" or 2 and about 170 now im 6’5" 215 and i didnt break 200 pounds till about two years ago.Now i didnt lift non stop but once i realized what i had to do to gain and really got seriouse the weight came.

You say some foods you need to eat disqust you well maybe you shouldnt ask for advice if youre not ready to be massive.My suggestion would be buy some weight gainer and take 1-2 servings a day.Eat steak baked potatoes and oatmeal regularly.I eat oatmeal every day and i half to force the last few bites down every time.Then lift fucking heavy,multi joint compound lifts ie squat,deadlift,bench,bent rows.

ya… i’ll be eating all the time…

the foods that i know i need are like… sweet potatoes, penut butter, cottage cheese… those are the foods i kinda have trouble eating everyday. the foods i wrote is something i maybe manage everyday. it sjust hard with work and school . i’ll probably be eating everychance i get.

[quote]cheece2001 wrote:
this actualy isn’t the first time i started lifting its just that i actually stoped lifting, lost motivatoin and stuf…[/quote]

Holy crap, I don’t doubt that you did. The lights are off and that is the saddest looking face I’ve ever seen. Not to mention you’re staring at the floor, and…HEY! Someone turn off that violin music! I can’t hear myself think! I’m sorry, where were we?

lol… u don’t need to tell teh whole world…lol jk

ya…this time around i’m actually gona do it right.

Carry around a bag of raisins/apricots/prunes and mixed nuts and snack on it all day long. You’ll wind up eating a lot more than you think, and you won’t even know it.

From the looks of it you don’t need to worry about gaining fat anytime soon, so eat as much as you possibly can, then if you start gaining fat excessively taper the cals of a little bit.

Also, eat more veggies. Not too much so that you’re full from broccoli, because that’ll get you nowhere, but you need to eat some kind of veggies. Try to supplement with Greens+ or some other greens supplement at the very least.

My 2 cents.


Two words:

Dirty BULK

i’m gona be keeping it clean but if i see something really good infront of me that i am not supoed to eat,…i won’t hesitate to eat it. so there might be some dirty food here and there… lol

[quote]cheece2001 wrote:
i’m gona be keeping it clean but if i see something really good infront of me that i am not supoed to eat,…i won’t hesitate to eat it. so there might be some dirty food here and there… lol[/quote]

I don’t mean to be an ass… but your fist pick looks like a person from a death camp. Good job on working out and improving yourself. However, you are just now looking like somebody who is healthy. Don’t be afraid of calories or of losing your sixpack.