6'2'', 16 Years Old

My training has always been strength oriented. I play two sports and Im just trying to eat as much as possible. Thanks to pretty good genetics my body fat seems to stay low no matter what I eat. 3 years training, but I used to only lift during the off season and I had two injuries so my total time under the bar is really only a little over a year.
Some PRs:
Weighted Pull up- 45x12, 90x4
Strict Overhead Press- 135x5




dont really know how to pose and i have no aspirations of competing in bodybuilding anytime soon


At 16 I’m very impressed. With your height, obviously you always run the risk of looking lanky, but if you do continue to put on muscle weight, with your metabolism naturally keeping you on the leaner side, I’m sure you’ll look pretty beastly.

Good stuff.


Well…damn. I need to eat and train harder. Nice work man.

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I feel because of ur aforementioned lanky build (long arms, plus narrow frame), To say you have great BODYBUILDING GENETICS is not necessarily true, although you will always be lean and you have a good strength base. The look you will more than likely achieve when you pack on muscle will be more aesthetically pleasing to the general population though (i.e girls), which I guess isn’t a bad thing either

I’m depressed-I mean IMPRESSED…

[quote]Brian14 wrote:

Dude at 16… REALLY? That lean muscle your working hard for now will pay off 10 x’s over as you mature and your body will add mass naturally,

Keep up the basic movements, keep track of and monitor each and every workout to add more and more weight… and watch man!

Eat like a mad man while you can, but be sure to get your protein and carbs in the right ratio, and man the sky is the limit.

P.S. never lose track of hitting your wheels like you have, too many of us older farts,(me!) forget that legs count too!

Keep rocking man!

What sports are you involved with?

I think this is the first time I have seen someone on here under 18 that impresses me.

Seriously nice work.

Like Jagstd said, keep up the basic/complex movements and one day you will be a beast.

I’m most impressed with that fact that you have legit quad development. Gonna be a monster when you’re in your 20’s.

[quote]joutmez wrote:
What sports are you involved with?[/quote]
Football and Lacrosse. Im a guard and defensive end in football, and a middie in lacrosse. I really appreciate all the positive comments from everyone.

Yeah, great work, man. I thought I was in decent shape at 16… Geez. You’re really gonna be a monster if you stick with it, bro. Keep it up!
x2 On Way’s comment, too: wheels are super-impressive for someone your age.

Very impressive

For the wheels I must give credit to heavy squatting 3 times a week (Starting Strength). Just a quick question out of curiosity: How much would you guess that I weigh based on the pictures?

Pretty lean I would say 170-180 little more on the 180 side.