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6'2", 155 Pounds. Newbie Lifter Advice?

I’m taking adv weightlifting next semester. I’m in good shape 6’2 155 and lean but i’ve never lifted before what should i do so i don’t make a fool of my self at the beginning of the class

Take beginner weightlifting before hand?

Is this high school or college?


This^. Why would you take an advanced course when your clearly just beginning?

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Its the only spot i have open. I am in high school

Go ask the coach how to prepare


Get in a gym and start lifting today. - In your case I would recommend a intelligent bro split like below so your exposed to performing a variety of different movements…

Read a bunch of Dan John and Jim wendler articles as well

Also become a push up machine while you are still light, same for chins if you can do them


This. Let the instructor know beforehand to avoid A - wasting their time and yours, and B - flunking the class.

If I somehow got into advanced calculus without knowing basic mathematics, I’d be in for a very confusing and counterproductive time. Starting a good well-rounded program ASAP is the best thing you can do, for countless reasons. Starting Strength was absolutely designed for dudes like you.


This would be my concern showing up to an advanced lifting class with these stats. LOL
The advice from CC and TFP regarding speaking to the coach is great.

First things first - bold move. I love it. That does not mean it is either good or wise. But bold.

Secondly all of the above. Talk to the coach AND get to the gym. The next semester starts in 8 weeks? (7 weeks till December 31st, and then a week to lead into the course). You can do a lot in 8 weeks.

  • Using Starting Strength you can put on some good mass. And learn a thing or two about the big lifts.
  • If you get into the right material you can learn a lot to.

Was there no minimum requirement on the course before starting? If not I would imagine the coach will be well used to guys with little to no experience.


Hi, me from 14 years ago!

In addition to learning how to lift weights, I’d start eating uncomfortable amounts of food 5-6 times a day. You can put on 10 pounds between now and then. It doesn’t have to be junk food, and shouldn’t be.


I’ve been trying to bulk these last couple months but I’ve and problems. every couple of weeks like clockwork i either am just not hungry at all for a couple days, or I’m just completely exhausted and unmotivated. What’s the best way to get over this.
I’m new to bulking and i’ve been eating healthy, but uncomfortable amounts of food 4 times a day.

Have you considered eating when you’re not hungry and being uncomfortable as viable options?


Yeah, try spreading it out different so you eat slightly smaller meals, slightly more often.

Or think about a “Zig Zag” or 5:2 plan where you pound down lots of food for 5 days, then eat normally for 2 days so you don’t drive yourself crazy. It’s like a “Cheat Day.” Only you’re Gaining, not cutting, so your cheat is Less eating.

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Liquid calories between meals are your friend. Or, as said above, you may just get a little uncomfortable with eating more.

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This isn’t aimed as an attack at you at all, but is kind of a general comment.

Homeostasis is predicated on comfort; if you don’t change from comfort, you won’t change.

If you’re underweight, you aren’t eating enough. If you’re overweight, you’re eating too much. There’s really no other ways around it. And since we’re already in one of those states (our homeostasis) we have to eat somewhere uncomfortably (either more or less) to get out.

It’s not just you; it’s all of us. If I eat even one meal a day how I want, I have to buy all new pants.

I hope that didn’t come off as a rant, but if you want to gain weight you’ll have to eat more than you want to.


My 2 cents:
Eat normally/whatever gives you energy for your studies(still make sure you get your protein in) and then have a filthy-hyuuge cheat meal/day once every 10-12 days. Get dirty.
Increase the frequency 9 days…8days etc until you start to get a bit fluffy and then back off.
Make sure you train hard on said day…
See point 36!:astonished:

Another option is small piece of candy with preworkout meal every 2-3rd time you hit the gym an drink some watered down apple juice or gatorade etc while you train.

I like the zigzag approach mentioned above also


There might not be. It might just be really hard for you. And you might have to accept that and carry on.


I’ve never been the person to have trouble gaining weight, so this may not apply quite the same, but there has NEVER been a time after hard squats or deads that i haven’t felt internally compelled to smash some food. Are you performing any power lifts at substantial weight? CNS response always makes me hungry :drooling_face:

Also, try supplementing in a mass gainer - just watch yourself because they can and will for sure make you fat.

OK, so before i speak my harsh truths, i just wanna share my progress, as i am also 6’2.

Picture nr1 - me at 15, already 6’2 - 150lbs


Next pic - me already doing something - around the age of 17-18, weight 200lbs


Next is somewhat 19-20, weight closer to 210lbs

Copy of DSC01091

Next is 24-25 years, 220lbs, lean as fuck :


And now - 32, 260lbs, nasty ass bulk :

One pic before looks better cuz im lean and pumped, but in reality the size difference is ALOT between last 2 pics.

So, with this i just wanted you to see that i can bulk and i can cut, so maybe something i will say will hold some value.

For me, bulking has always been a pain in the ass, and yes - its not pleasant.

This is not a problem, its a reality. You dont eat because you want to, you eat because you want the results. On my largest bulks, i have to shit liquid at least 4 times a day. I can vomit in my mouth everytime i bend over to tie my shoes. Once i vomited in my mouth because i bent over a bath while brushing teeth.
Anyways, if you vomit, you swallow it back, because you cant waste calories. It is a torture, constantly feeling sick, being full, always hold in farts, lol.
For me, a cheat day is a fasting day - i dont eat, i feel amazing. The best i have ever felt was when i did fasting all day and ate only 1-2 big meals at night, but i cant bulk like that.
If i want to grow, i need to feel like garbage because of all the food.
So how to make it easier? You cant really as everything you do will feel horrible, but a few tricks are :
1)McDonalds. Lots of calories - easy to chew, easy to swallow.
2)Pick food foods that doesnt need chewing - put in mouth, drink some juice, swallow, repeat.

I eat everything like this (starts at 1:20)

3)Blend shit. I use beef protein with sunflower halva. Idk if thats a thing where u are from but you can just use like 200g of peanutbutter in your shakes.

4)When i was a kid we blended rice and meat with a tomatoe juice and just drink food like that.

You will still be full, you will still feel horrible but it will be easier and faster to be done with food.
If you are a non-eater, it will take year or more of feeling like complete shit for you to make some very good gains size and weight-wise.

If you feel good and are hungry, you are not gaining nothing.
When i was a kid, an oldtimer told me : “you eat till you are full and then you START eating”.