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6'2", 150 Pounds. Test Only First Cycle

Hello I know posts like these are everywhere but before I started I wanted too get some advice I am 6”2 150lbs and have been training properly for almost a year and am starting a cycle test e only 500mg for 10 weeks, like this
Weeks 1-10Test e jab Monday 250mg and Thursday 250mg
Adex .25 mg EOD
Pct 2 weeks after last test jab Nolvadex 40/40/20/20

Any advice is appreciated

I would love to see what 6’2 150lbs looks like. Please pray a pic. Regardless of how amazing your training is you’re obviously eating way less than you should be. You could probably gain at least 30 lbs extremely quickly by just eating more without drugs. You would doing yourself a disservice by starting juice before you have your diet and a decent base to start with. The good thing is you can accomplish a massive physique change and quickly by doing nothing but eating more food. Then when you get there and choose to use gear you’ll get way more out of it.

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Very slim mate aha, I do eat a good amount and try too eat clean I eat around 3500 calories a day, do you reckon I should just eat more than that?

Thanks for the advice I’ll try too gain some weight and give it more time before jumping on a test cycle, my main concern was wasting my first cycle as I know it’s something I eventually want too do don’t want too let the first one go to waste

What you’re eating right now has you severely under weight so you definitely need to eat more than that. @aaronca has enlightened me on the importance of carbs for gaining so maybe you aren’t eating enough of the right things.

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I would guess your training is poor, and that you’re either A) not actually eating 3500 calories, or B) you are extremely active and need more.

But most folks massively over estimate their caloric intake. You’re super slim man. You should easily have 20-30lbs of muscle to gain naturally before resorting to steroids.

You will almost positively lose the majority if not all of what you gain.

Goodness! I’m 6’2 and I’ve weighed what you weigh before and I looked like death. Was due to drug use. I was so slim. That was many many years ago. You gotta eat!!! If you eat enough and train right, your body will have no choice but to grow. I would def wait on your first cycle until you get your eating and training on point.

Thanks for the advice, I’ll try too get more calories into my diet and see how that goes

Man it’s amazing to me how many people want to resort to steroids without even having their diet in check. Before I even thought about steroids I was constantly looking at what needed to be fixed in my diet, in my training, etc. Not saying I have everything perfect by any means, but seeing all the posts recently of ppl wanting to do their first cycles really shows how many people just want a magic pill etc to have the body. I think people really underestimate how much diet has to do with everything. I’d say if going from a bad diet to a good diet your going to see more results then even doing a steroid cycle.


You overestimate how much you actually eat. You require more nutrition. Your training likely is lacking too. We’re the same height, and I maintain on roughly the same calories you claim to eat, while being past prime, on cruise type doses, and having somewhere between 85-95 more lbs. Eat. Train. No gear till you learn how to do those 2 things at least half decently.


Didn’t you do you’re first cycle while overweight and dieting down?

What do you cruise on (just curious)… 6’2 250 lean is as big/bigger than schwartzeneggrr was

So that’s extremely impressive

Op doesn’t need gear, he could easily gain 20-30lbs (not all muscle, but when you’re that thin does it really matter…) in 6-12 months of hard training/eating… using gear to go from “rake” to “I guess he lifts sometimes” seems dumb to me, each to their own I guess…

No I lost my weight before cycling(the main chunk of weight) then I cycled. I lost probly 70 pounds before that. Thanks for questioning me tho

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Currently 100 mg of sust M/W/F, and 120 mg mast E 2x per week. I’ll drop down to 2-300 mg of test between “blasts”.

So 300mg test 240 mg mast

I mean… you’re massive, so understandable

You’ve been on here a while, you seem like an intelligent indicvidual thus I don’t think mentioning cardiac, neurological ailment is neseccary

What does a cycle for someone as massive/jacked as yourself entail

These days, nothing will be touched besides test, mast, occasionally dbol and maybe EQ. The rest I can do without, especially 19nors. I may run a higher dosed blast in the spring/summer that would be in the 1200-1500 mg range, but I think those will be very few and far between going forward. I’m finding I never needed as much as I thought when younger and dumber, 5-600 mg for blasts, 200 mgish for cruise. And even that will change over time.

I find nandrolone doesn’t appear to effect me neurologically, granted the dosage is very low… only issue I have is potential induction of cardiac ailment… but at 100-120mg weekly with say 100mg test I think ehhh… doesn’t effect my libido deleteriously either

It’s all individualistic

So you’re dropping cruise dose from 540-200? That’s preferable

As to the spring blast (12-1500mg weekly) do you have a competition, holiday/event coming up. You’re an adult, I can’t imagine you’d want to go on spring break with a bunch of dumbass kids

The larger spring blasts were the last couple years, evn though I mention it as possible I highly doubt I will go that route anymore. Cruise around 200, blast around 5-600, is where I am finding I want to be moving forward.

I always liked deca, but found it better dosed low for longer durations. Of course that comes with drawbacks as well. 19 Nors lkely aren’t a good idea as I am north of 40. Especially tren. I enjoy my cognitive function as is.

Sorry I was confused

I thought you were saying 540 was you’re cruise dose, you were planning to use 1.5 g this spring

What you’re currently doing is preferable

Should be noted new data has come out suggesting AAS in general, not just 19-Nors appear to induce neurotoxicity

Good luck with the cycle! I assume it’s a “cutting” regiment? Where are you trying to cut down to (240?)

I generally walk around at that weight while reasonably lean. This is more of a recomp. I don’t cut, that’s for people who compete, and guys who don’t realize they aren’t getting paid to suffer/compromise/miss out on real life.

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