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$62,000 Movie Download


This is what happens when dumb people pirate, and no, this guy didn't get sued by the MPAA.


I don't get it, he didn't get sued for copyright, just a huge download fee? How the hell does it cost a company $17k to download a movie?


Seems he was hit with 17k for the download itself, not the pirate.


It has nothing to do with the movie. He was charged out the ass for using his internet card while out of the country...60k in roaming charges...Ridiculous.


woah. Damn. I think I'm never gonna download a god damn thing if I ever go to Mexico. Just to be safe. LOL


It doesn't.

They are simply taking advantage of those who either don't read the fine print or didn't ask the right questions.

If all of these companies have plans to avoid these fees (if you know to ask for them), then this charge is completely bogus...but unfortunately legal.


my boss checked his email while on a cruise and got hit with a $1000 cell bill


Taking up all that bandwidth slows down other customers. If those customers go out of service for too long because someone violates their service contract, the FCC lays a smackdown of fines to the service carrier, usually larger than this fee. That's the point behind "it costs this much to send the data."


Yeah, for sure lots of it is the US carrier's charing us up the ass. But let's not forget Carlos Slim - 3rd richest man in the world and owner of TelMex, pretty much the sole Mexican carrier. It's nice being in charge of monopoly. You can charge however much you want! It's even better when your best friends with all the politicos! There's a reason Mexico is known to have the highest telephone rates in the whole world.

Thanks, Carlos.