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615 Box Squat Good for 16 Year Old?


I used knee wraps and a box squat I weigh 235


Also could have done more just ran out of energy to keep going


What does that mean? If you ran out of energy you couldn't do more.


It means I was exhausted I didn't get enough sleep or food in that day so my body just was fatigued but I still felt like I could have got 650 or higher


Take a video. If you are actually breaking depth and not just doing a quarter squat or something then yes that's a pretty awesome squat.


It's not ass to grass its a powerlifting squat I know I go past 90 degrees


Going past 90degrees usually would get you very close if not atleast to where you would need to be for powerlifting. Post up a video I'm not saying I dont believe you but if you did it you legitimately need to enter a comp now and start breaking records


I'm going for 700 lbs soon its just I can't Because I have school and football I'm gonna start competing after high school


Wut? I train several football players, and some of them compete in the offseason. It's really not that much of a time commitment.

Also, going to 90 degrees doesn't mean anything. You could quarter squat and have a knee angle of 90 degrees, or you could be at legit depth...it all depends on where your hips are. But in my experience, squats to a box tend to inflate the numbers of most football players I've encountered.


I'm sorry I just break 90 degrees where my hips alligned with my knees


Video or it didn't happen....


I'm sorry I just break 90 degrees where my hips alligned with my knees




Unfortunately from the lack of video and way OP is posting in this thread I am going to assume it was either a high box or did not happen.

Post a video, whether it is high or perfect depth I am sure you can get plenty of helpful advice on here.

Lastly, not being able to compete because of HS FB is bs. 9/10 teens I see at meets are HS FB players or wrestlers.


Also, technically is this was the case it would not be considered "to depth" being that the rule books for almost every fed dictate the crease of the hips must fall under the hips.





I'm sure it was a high squat, but the OP is probably still strong for a high schooler.


of course ... unless it was the old smith machine squat, we had a 17 yr old shot putter claimed a 600lb squat ... when I started to train him he hit a slightly high 242 x 3 , love those smith machines


I hate smith machine it wasn't a high box squat I don't have video footage of the lift it was off a 16 inch box