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6'11", 280. Considering First Cycle


Hey all

Long time reader, first time poster and I’m after a bit (or a lot) of guidance in the form of starting to build on my body type

To give a run down of my current stats and what I currently do:

I’m 22 years old
6ft11 (212 cms)
127kgs (280lbs)
Have a strong sport background with playing rugby league, union, afl, basketball (I’m Australian to all the poms and yanks :wink: )
Have pretty much been in a physical sport background since I was 9years old, and haven’t been without a gym membership since I was 15, however it’s only been in the last 2 years I’ve proper understood nutrition, supplementation and the difference between going through the motions and t actually pushing and constantly growing

My training split is
Mon: Calves/hammy
Tues: Chest/arms
Wed: Shoulders/calves
Thurs: back/arms
Fri: thigh/abs/compound supersets
Sat: back/arms/HIIT
Sun: rest

My diet is basically a mixture of chicken, fish, turkey, green vegetables, brown rice and a cheat meal every 2 weeks on my Sunday lunch

My daily cal intake is 3900 to maintain at 230g protein/85g fat and 340carbs

Where I’m getting at is for someone who is quite tall and not lanky, well proportioned, it’s very bloody hard to gain solid mass
I know that at a certain height, I’ll never look like someone who is 5’9 because longer limbs = longer muscle fibres etc etc I know this
My fat% is around 14/15% which is probably on the cusp of cycling

I’ve done a fair bit of research on it and I was leaning towards a 600mg/week test e for 12 weeks but any advice towards a first cycle and what I need to change before I take that plunge
I’m all ears and anything that anyone can advise would be greatly appreciated!


VYou’d probably do better to start looking at full body workouts where your focus is to dramatically increase compound lifts with very little accessory work to add volume needed for Hypertrophy. Chad Waterbury promotes excellent programs for this. You can find many of these in the articles section here on T-Nation.
I’d be interested to hear your lift numbers. At 280lbs 15% BF you should be pulling at least 550-600lbs naturally. Squats might be more difficult at 6’ 11" to have big numbers but I don’t see any reason you shouldn’t be doing reps with 4 plates if you put the work in
After you max out linear gains you could consider something like push pull or push pull legs
The program info you posted is terrible. You’re basically only working calves and arms. That makes me think you don’t have much drive