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6'10 310lb Dbol Dosage

Lifting for 6 years naturally (started first cycle 7 weeks ago)
Hi guys, ive been on test e at 500mg a week and I am 7 weeks into my cycle and was wanting to throw in some dbol for the last 4 weeks of my cycle. Does the dbol dosage depend on your size? Cause ive read in other forums where a guy said if your over 200lb then you should be taking at least 50mgs of dbol a day. Not sure if this is right or not so I was hoping to get some more opinions. Thanks

Are these your current stats or desired? Is that you in your avatar?

I’ve taken as much as 80 mg/day and dont weigh anywhere near you. Dbol is notorious (in my opinion) for gyno. Again, for me, Masteron helped me with this. I think if mass is what you are after, there are other injectibles that will help with this.

Yes those are my current stats. And yes that is me in the avatar but that was when I weighed 225lb. Been on a bulk since then so I’m nowhere near as cut as I used to be.

Why not try it at a normal-person dose and see how it goes first? If you need to bump it up you can do so, but it’s best practices to start lower with a new compound. My guess is that you won’t need to be taking superhuman amounts. I mean, you’re on 500mg of test, which is not unusual for guys who are 5’8” 185, and yet it’s still working, right? Hormones aren’t quite like alcohol where physical mass requires more and more to cause the desired effect. It’s more complicated than that. So start out safer and lower and just see how you respond.

Alright, thanks for the input.

I used Dbol as a kickstart, and got surprisingly good results from 20mg every day.

Why not start there, and increase after a couple of weeks, or better yet, on your next cycle if all goes well?

I will tell you that even on 20mg/ED, the bloat / water retention was very noticeable.