6'10", 280. First Cycle Test E Dosage?

Hi guys, I’m going to start my first cycle in a few weeks and I just want some opinions about dosage. I’m just gonna be running Test e and I was wondering if 500mgs a weeks would be a sufficient enough dose for someone my size. I’m 6’10" 280lb and have been lifting for the past 6 years. Not sure if size has any relation to dosage so I though I would ask before I started pinning.


6’10, what the fuck, are you sure? Is this a joke? WHAT… Six foot TEN, WHAT, no… REALLY, how, why, it’s not fair dammit.

Everyone responds to test differently, 500mg is likely more than enough

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No its not a joke lol I really am 6’10" and trust me its not that fun being this tall. Alright ill start pinning at 500mgs a week, thanks for the reply.

Try being 5’5, not great either, opposite extremes

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Wow, now that’s a huge mofo! 500 for your first run is q perfect place to start and it will most likely give you great results.

hahah its several times ive seen you writing about your height,
perfect heigh overhere - 184 cm, 6ft master race

Boi how big do you want to get 400 pounds???I cant imagine your size on gear.

After seeing the mountain in person (hes also 6’10) i got inspired to bulk up and get fucking huge :smiley: