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6'1'' 215lbs








"Your a big boy that's for sure" Snatch.


Quite impressive man. I'm 6'2'' 225lbs and you look way bigger than me.


Well done my friend!!


Im 5"8 205 pounds and I don't look as solid but I have bigger legs. Good work mate very solid.


Deads: 6X415
Squats: 7x325
Bench: 4X280


Looking pretty good man. Any thoughts of competing in BB, powerlifting, or strongman?


You need to work them legs, a lot. Otherwise looking good.




Nice upper body but work your legs ALOT


This is not youtube. lol


Thanks man. I never thought about competing... I've been lifting serious for about a year and half, just to get bigger and stronger.


26 soon to be 27


You look good, great base to build from. You actually look a bit like I do. Do you know what your bodyfat% is? I would cut down to 10% bodyfat levels - where you can see your abs more clearly - and then you'll be in a great place to add some lean bulk.


i disagree, i think he's at a good level to start adding some mass, depending how careful he is with his carb intake he may add a lot of lean muscle or like me add some fat and muscle


x2. He doesn't look fat at all, there is no reason for him to cut down so he can see his abs.

What the fucks going on at this forum?


Wait, someone who actually looks like they lift weights posted here?


Not bad man, keep it goin!

Just gotta bring up those legs though.