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6'1, 203lb, 19 years old


Hey, new to this forum.
I'm a 19 year old student in the UK.
Natural bodybuilding.
Rate and critique/advise.


arm (lol can't get the photo upload feature...)


double bi


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Great smile though.


Ok. Like I said I'm new here so I'll take some decent shots and post. Sorry for inconvenience.


Read the RMP requirements. Interesting how so many fail to..


I'll tell you off the bat you have genetic potential. But yea, nobody can critique a physique without decent shots, no crazy angle/lighting/cropped myspace type shit.


cool shadows


You look like screech in the second photo!


WHOA WHOA hold the presses you are bullshitting, you are definitely not natty.


Hahahahahahahaha, oh man. optheta, you hilarious bastard.


Think we can get them to change thread to "rate my wheels"? Mabey then somebody would post a leg pic..?


Are you missing a chromosome? Suffered a stroke recently?


So, did we get those decent shots yet?


I'll take a stab at it. You have good size from what I see but do you have any definition?


You look handicapped on all pics.