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60lb Lean Gain. 2 Years


u mirin'?






Well overall development, a little more width and thickness in you back I believe you need, but since I am not a bodybuilder, take it as it is. Keep getting better :slight_smile: A solid 7 from me


Why have you made another thread? Could you not have posted this on the one from a few weeks ago?


Stop neglecting triceps and back. You look about 20 lbs less from the side and rear than you do from the front.

Im assuming legs are underdeveloped in comparison to shoulders, bis and chest as well?


Mirin a little bit.


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Ok, so after reading your other thread NZshredder, I agree, you ARE a tool. And now, I feel like a tool for giving you that 7...


I second that.

You posted here like a week ago????????

Please don't upload anymore of these gay-porn videos.



I knew this guy had a poster of ZYZZZXPQ on his wall!!

Do you seriously not realize what a tool you are? You are trying to mimic the way another tool used to speak, act and look. You tick two of those three boxes; except, you lack the height and and shoulder width to look just like PZZQ.

My girlfriend and I had a good laugh when she saw that video!

Cant believe you made a second rate my abs and watch my little video post.

Your family must be proud. looool


also, the first thread's title is 60lbs in 3 years while this one is 60lbs in 2 years.

Obvious troll is obvious

(Long live the king)


Your a hungry little troll aren't ya, here have a 10. nom nom nom.

But seriously you look good. Excellent base to build on and I am sure your physique helps with getting minge and at the end of the day its all about the minge.


man what a wannabe...
maybe you should grown your own personality along with that body ?


ty for the views you agressive little barstards

may the aesthetics be with you


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btw I give a 10....for the lighting.


give him credit for getting this big. But i gotta say its hard to believe you got THAT much bigger over 2 years. steroids or clean? Btw, how strong are you?


Oh fucking hell.


You have an aesthetically pleasing physique congrats on the great gains you've made.
Must have taken A LOT of hard work.

That music in the background is a bit disturbing though.