60kgs to 90kgs Over 10 Years of Training

Skinny as fuck to built, been a long and hard journey but its nice to not be skinny anymore (in the eyes of normal people, bodybuilders reeellaaxxx)

Tried so many programs and diets and bullshit, just stuck at it and never gave up.

Keys have been, training to failure with very slow controlled reps with perfect form, Whey whey whey, being consistent, taking weeks off and deloading weeks, working around injuries, not making friends at the gym or letting girls in yoga pants distract you just go and train hard and leave, not caring about what other people are doing, feeling your body and listening to it.

I love the iron game and will always train until im a old ass man :slight_smile:

Solid mate. What’s the short term goals at the moment?


Just met a girl Im really into and shes pretty fit so trying to get my abs really exposed haha, trying the anabolic diet, its pretty great, you never feel hungry once your fat adapted and the weekends are like xmas :slight_smile:

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