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60KG Down, More to Go!

Im new to T-Nation; Im Stu 25 from the UK, just thought Iâ??d share my progress with you and use this thread as a log of my ongoing progress. Last year I weighed a huge 166kg I always thought I carried it off well being 6-4 how wrong I was, I was a mess, I was huge and I just didnt realise how big I had become. I decided to make the change and havent look back since with a combination of full body workouts and a high protein medium fat low carb diet I have shed 60kg.

I still have probably 2-3 stone to lose and Im now working with nutritionist Alex Azarian who some of you may have heard of. So far so good in just over 2 weeks with Alex Ive lost 6kg which has brought me to my current weight of 106kg. The lowest Ive ever been in my adult life.

My short term targets are to get down to 100kg only 6 to go then to get under the 200lb mark, then itll be a case of assessing my progress to see where Iâm at before starting my first bulk to put on some muscle.

Ive attached a couple of pics which were taken about 7 days ago and as you can see I still have a lot of work and a lot of fat to lose but I know Ill get there!

132lbs in one year is absolutely awesome, congrats!

Far out dude, nice work! I’m pretty envious, I lost 100kg in a year and I have loose skin and stuff, it look like you don’t have the same probs :slight_smile:

If I have any advice it’s to not go too low unless your skin is in fact not going to be loose like mine. I have had to bulk hard for the last few years and am just trying to constantly add muscle to fill out the fat that was there before.

Good luck though, and congrats on getting your life back in order :wink:

Very respectable man.

You should pop up a before picture. I don’t think many people realize just how much weight that is. You pretty much lost my girlfriend and 4 bowling balls.

Congrats man, keep us updated.