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606 Benchpress at 217!

Hello all. I just went to watch a powerlifting meet for the first time yesterday in Middle Village, Queens, NY. It was awesome and I can’t wait to get started in this whole thing. Anyway, I saw a young man by the name of Scott Scheppe bench 606 at 217 and his form was ON!

I also saw Michael Moore from Shawna Mendelson’s gym bench above 600 as well. I got to meet Shawna and John Bernor, truly likeable and genuine people. OK, see ya guys. By the way, and I have asked before a few times, is there anyone else from LI or Queens on this board who would like to get a “cell/clique/group (whatever the heck you call it)” together?

I am training at Powerhouse, Stony Brook during the week and will be sometimes at Bellport Ultimate Fitness and on Saturdays at Iron Island.

That’s almost three times his body weight.

(I come home late from lifting and find a lot of goodies in the strength sports area. )

600 lbs for bench press!! Are these guys huge? How did the other two events, deadlift and squats, go?

Which event are you planning to compete and how heavy? Thanks and don’t forget to share.

I thing you’re talking about Scott Seppe, here he’s doing 510 RAW @ 210.


Bradley - How was the meet overall? - I wanted to go but didn’t have a chance. ALso - I live out in Bayshore - How is the Ulitmate in Bellport?

The meet was very good. As for Bellport Ultimate, it is not open. I went by with my friend on Friday and it is still being worked on. This was the first meet I ever went to and it serves great inspiration to get started. I will not compete until I am done with academic responsibilities. I am involved in an Dietetic Internship at Stony Brook and also finishing my graduate degree.

In the summer, I have to take the RD exam and put a few finishing touches on my thesis. As you can see, the irregularities of graduate school and my internship could very well interfere with me competing. Sometimes my professors or preceptors in the internship hit me with last minute responsibilities and the last thing I would need going into a meet on a Saturday is a mini-report or big test on Monday. Do not get me wrong, I rarely miss a workout but am not ready for competition size and strength wise or lifestyle wise right now.

Anyway, enough about me. Noteable lifts from the meet that I remember are a 780 something squat by Lenny Spero from Iron Island, a 600+ bench press by Michael Moore from Shawna Mendelson’s New Gym. Shawna’s husband Lene had some good lifs, particularly his squat but I do not remember his numbers. A guy named Nick something from NJ, the best built guy there that day, pulled an outrageous 720 or 750 something. That guy was not messing around that day! I personally think that Lene could have had some awesome deadlifts that day but he seemed very fatigued. The deadlifts started at 7 PM and the meet started at 11 AM!!!

This leads me to another topic. You know, everyone likes to say that muscle does not necessarily mean you are strong. However, I could pick out who was coming out on top that day even before they lifted, just by looking at them. I had never heard of Scott Sepe but from one look at his near bodybuilder physique and I knew he was going to clean house. Same with Michael Moore with his huge back, pecs, and shoulders. I personally think Jim Wendler’s saying “not all jacked guys are strong but all strong guys are jacked” holds true. We went over this over lunch when I was at his seminar in PA this summer.

Him and Tom Deebel said that at the Arnold one year, they could pick out who was on and who was not just by looking at who had the biggest glutes and traps. What do you guys think? I mean look at the top benchers of all time: Ryan Kenelly, Glen Chabot, Ken Lain, Ted Arcidi, Andy Feidler (needs more traps, ya think? lol) Chris Confessore, Scot Mendelson, JM Blakely. All these guys could do well in bodybuilding if they wanted to. By the way, Kroc, perhaps we can chit chat. I will send you my number. John Bernor and Spero are starting to train in Bellport soon.