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605/275kg Deadlift at 187.6lbs


Won another meet today. Opened with 535, then 565, then 590. And got a 4th pull to break the mens junior 198lb record, which was 600lbs. I have all the pulls on video, and ill try to get them uploaded




Excellent work


you look retardedly small for pulling that much weight, good job


backhanded compliment much? lol


hahah yeah mostly i was baffled, id kill to pull that much i just dont understand how hes not huger


i plan to pull 650 by June. here's a pic from the 605 pull.

and im not that small lol, here's me right at the end of cycle around 192lbs.


Change your avatar...it dosen't do you justice.

Good pulling bro. Very nice job!


x2 on both points


Great pulling Patrick! Keep up the good work!


thanks guys. I have nationals in mid june, hopefully i'll get at least 650 by then