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600mg for Bulk or Fat Loss?


I’ve gotten so much from the forums here, so I thought I’d call on you guys for some advice.

I am 45 years old. I’ve worked out on and off for a couple of decades. Body responds well and quickly to training. I was put on TRT in March, 2016. 175mg/week. I took advantage, and started working out more regularly, and harder/heavier. Nothing too serious, just pretty consistent, 3-4 times a week. Oh, and I skipped a week (or two) here and there, to be honest.

When I started TRT, I was 168 lbs. 21% Body Fat.

The 175mg a week and a decent diet and workout took me up to about:
177 lbs, 19% Body Fat over about one year.

My Estrogen is naturally low, around 8, even on the test.

Then about 6 months ago, a started a light cycle, which I ran for two months. 400mg/week. No Armidex or anything, just test.

I went up to 183 lbs, at about 18% body fat, which is where I currently stay.
After the 400mg/week light cycle, I went back to my maintenance dose of 175mg/week. I feel good. Haven’t lost anything. Well, maybe I’ve lost constant erections and the desire for sex 24/7.

Now, I want to take it up a notch. I have a lot of extra Test, and am going to run a 600mg/week cycle. I want to increase muscle size, but I eventually want to get body fat down to 10-12%.

My question is this: On the 600mg cycle, should I try to use the advantage to put on the mass, or should I first get some fat off? And, should I use the 600mg/week test as I get that fat off?

I hate cardio. I’m ADD I cannot do a treadmill, even HIIT. But I can box and play some sports a few times a week. I can also shift from body-part lifting to more supersets and circuits to keep heart rate up during exercise.

Any advice would be great. In summary, I’m just not sure if I’d be better off shedding some fat before bulking up. And, should I use the 600mg test if I decide to work on fat loss.

Thanks a million!


My experience is based on my research and not personal, so feel free to discard my advice. For your goals, you should drop body fat before cycling and use the test to bulk when you get your body fat down. Fat loss is primarily a function of diet and using test during a cut is usually a waste of test.

On 175 a week you will continue to see improvement in body comp, it just takes time and a good diet. Fat loss is primarily earned in the kitchen.

When you do get your body fat down, I’d run a cycle at 500 rather than 600. It’s not a big difference, but 500 is plenty.

I started TRT at 21% and am now down around 13%, but it’s been a while.

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Thank you. I appreciate the advice.
Good job getting down to 13%. I look forward to that type of physique.

Thanks again,

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