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600lb Incline Bench


Not the prettiest bench you'll ever see, but I've never seen 600lb handled on an incline


Awsome lift, Look up nick winters, 25 and he did liek 655 on incline I think.


He did bang it off his chest real good but 600 is 600 no matter how you lift it...


Because you can


I don't care how much bounce he got, doing that much on incline is insane.


Not something i'd ever think to try but 6 bills is 6 bills so theres a golf clap goin on


If I could I'd never know because I don't plan on even trying that!! LOL


It doesn't count because he's not down to 10% BF and you can't see his #hawtabz


f*cking lol. Good stuff


Nick Winters 655 incline.


Jeremy Hoornstra.