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600lb Deadlift Possible for Everyone?



Just wondering what do most people here consider as a big milestone in their lifting, 585 or 600lb DL? Same applies to other numbers like 300 vs 315 or 495 vs 500. Obviously the higher number is better but whats more important in milestones, the 45s on the bar or the even 100s for total bar weight?


100lb barriers have always been more substantial to me than 45 math. My mind has been fixed on an 800lb deadlift since like 2007. I had hit 585 in training before, and it was exciting, but when I hit 600 I felt like I finally earned the right to think I knew what the hell I was talking about.


I’m obviously into BB but I think most people who can deadlift 450 to 500 already know what they’re talking about and are serious considering that vast majority of people can’t do that.


Tate used to write articles with titles like this: https://www.t-nation.com/training/bench-press-600-pounds

It would have been far more realistically to have a title like Bench 315.


Still depends on how easy they got there. What’s more important is hitting a plateau once or more then progressing past it.


I think it absolutely isn’t. I doubt I’d have gotten 600 lbs pulling twice a week. I had to actually go to pulling heavy every second week to get there. Some people may need the frequency, but I know I’m one who needs the opposite. Deadlift once a week, fine, as long as it isn’t heavy every week.


Big round numbers for me, and because I’m an Aussie who spends time on here USA lifters I use both kg and lbs. I just like PRs, although I’ll admit to liking PRs in lbs more for some reason.


@FlatsFarmer for the ladies I think at a bodyweight of 132 lbs until about 176 lbs 315 is like our 600. Most could probably get 220, getting to 275 is decent, 315 is starting to be impressive.


Wow I’m seriously surprised(in a good way). I’m sure you older guys can imagine how much shit I would have gotten here if I had written “anyone should be able to deadlift 500lbs” a couple of years ago lol.


Yeah the positive responses here show its less of a big deal than people would imagine (still a tough goal).

For sure I agree with the posters who say watching world class lifters on social media can warp things and give unrealistic expectations, but go on youtube now and there are a suprising amount regular joe looking guys with a 600 dead even girls benching 2 plates etc

Thib talks many times in his forum about how its a regular occurence now in crossfit gyms for people to get a competitive surge and make progress over 6 months in the O lifts that old-school coaches would normally expect in 5+ years


For me it’s kind of both. 3 plate bench, 4 plate squat, 5 plate Deadlift all sound good to me. But maybe it’s because 3 and 4 plates are closer to 300 and 400 so I’m not tempted to push for more. 5 plates on Deadlift is awful close to 500 so at that point I’d opt for the even number. I think the closer the “plates” total is to reaching an even 100lb number the more appealing it is to add some 5’s and 2.5’s.


500 is probably around my tipping point.


If 600 pound deadlift was attainable by everyone, than everyone in NBA,NFL, MLB would easily pull 600lb.


How do you figure?

Anyone can cut off one of their fingers. Most people have 10 fingers instead of 9. Based on this, should I conclude that the first premise is false?


Im sure a lot of those guys can do it, but I bet at the same time a lot of them never work to get high numbers. NFL players yes they do for sure, but a lot of NBA type workouts are more rep based and “functional” for their sport. I know nothing about the MLB and what they do for workouts


These athletes are not training to get 600 pound deadlifts. They train to be better athletes, and they certainly aren’t going to perform activities making them more susceptible to injury. And unduly progressing in lifts doesn’t make someone a better player.


Football probably could. Baseball no. Basketball maybe a few.

Baseball is speed, power, agility, and lots of skill.

Basketball is more of the same but conditioning is more of a factor.

Football is strength, power, speed, and skill with lots of variables based on position. WRs and DBs need more speed and agility than strength and power. Linemen need more strength and power than speed but still require agility.

A 600lb Deadlift promises strength. It’s not a fast movement so it doesn’t guarantee power. It does nothing for speed or agility.

Most of these athletes are better off focusing on things that directly cross over to their sport.

Could they pull 600? A lot of football players could. I doubt the other two sports have many that could do it.


They dont need to , but people think everyone could pull 600 if they wanted to or tried to is way off.
But even elite of the elite athletes dont lift it proves it is not possible for Everyone.
Now every lineman, running back ,linebacker, end had the physical potential to they dont .
Clay Mathews only goes up to 405 x 7 in squat why , who cares if he can squat 700lb. If he blows a knee out thats millions of dollars, all he needs is 405 to maintain power.
The guys who think everyone should pull 600 are guys with freak genetics and a 600lb pull came easy for them.
Ive seen my best freind squat 500x7 deep, 315x 35 reps and bench 380 at 190, and struggle to pull 500lbs. Normal proportion hands my sized.


Ross Verba played oline for iowa , could barely bench over 200 pounds senior year high school, by the time he got to pros he could get a little over 400lb, this is big 315 pound , 6,5 Italian, who was first to start on oline for green bay, first rookie in modern football, to start o line.
And he had to work his ass off to get that, so say that is equivalent of a 600lb pull is close.
Then a man in a sport were only the biggest, fastest, men in the world, succeed had a hard time doing it.
Hows and small framed person going to get.