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600lb Deadlift Possible for Everyone?


Doubt it. Squat PB Is 510


Bigger difference than mine but my DL has a solid 165 on my squat


When I had my best combined total between deadlift and squat, I was sitting at about a 560 squat and a tad over 600 deadlift. so within 50-60 lbs.




Yes. That’s it my legs have grown an inch in 6 weeks. It works. I hit workout 7 on Friday.


How are you structuring the rest of your training week?


I was doing a 4 day a week back training while my shoulder was rehabbing. Did that for 5 weeks.

Now I am pressing on Sun, deadlift Mon, press Wed, squat program on Friday. I’m setting up to move to a conjugate based system after I’m done with this squat program. It is a killer leg program and my legs are often crushed for 2-3 days after the volume sessions. So one day a week is enough for squats. My last DL session I just kept light (60-70%) and low volume to get some blood flow and work on form. So I balance with how recovered I am going in


holy crap, that’s a sexy looking program


My best lifts are a 420 back squat and 620 deadlift, but it’s no secret in these parts that I simply work a lot harder on my deadlift than I do on my squat. I got to >500 deadlift while doing virtually zero squats. I’ve added (a few) squats on the road from 500 up to >600 deadlift, but honestly I can’t say if the squats contributed significantly to the ongoing deadlift progress or if it would’ve happened anyway.

So, with all due respect…

…I think this has to carry an “it depends, we’re all different, and your mileage may vary.”

I agree that folks who are training the squat hard probably cannot train the deadlift the same way that I do, and as a recipe for powerlifting success one is probably better off training the squat hard, poking around with some maintenance work on the deadlift, and letting that big squat carry over to a big deadlift.

I’d just be careful with absolute statements like “squats are the key to a big deadlift” because it’s not always so simple.


In my personal experience, training for a big squat will equal a big deadlift, but training for a big deadlift won’t directly equal a big squat.

If you were to ONLY DEADLIFT and got to 500lbs, it will take a while before you are able to hit a 500lb squat.

But if you were to ONLY SQUAT and got it to 500lbs, you will be able to pull (grip might be the only limiting factor, so gotta use straps) a 500lb deadlift easy.

For me personally as long as my back squat and front squat were going up (and chin-ups and bb rows lol), deadlift numbers went up easily.


not for everyone. I don’t know how familiar you are with Reed, but he’s squatted 800 and never deadlifted more than 650. I’m not actually sure if he’s even gotten that much on his DL.

It’s crazy how different we’re all built, and how our bodies adapt to training stimulus. I think for most people, a big squat carries over well to the deadlift, but it’s not universal. It’s all about the weakest link in the chain on any lift.


Id totally rather train for a big squat than go all in on a big deadlift


And I’m the opposite! I’m within 35lbs of a 600lb squat and within 25lbs of a 700lb deadlift, and am wayyy more excited to hit that 700lb deadlift than the 600lb squat.

Unfortunately, I can’t really comment much as far as the carryover discussion goes as I have always squatted AND deadlifted.

Different strokes for different folks.


I LOVE watching Reed deadlift. He passes out mid lift while still putting down the weight like a sleeping baby and getting three lights. Wild.


All good. Maybe is should say for me…blah, blah, blah.

Never intended to be an authority on the subject. Just in my current stage of lifting my squat transfers to my deadlift very well.


Same here, much more excited for a 700 deadlift (35lb to go) than any squat record I want to aim for. This might be because I only just about squat 500, though.

I can add an n=1 anecdote here though, in that my deadlift stalled hard at 550-575 ish, up and down for years, until I started training squats, then went 560-675 over 1 year.


For anyone interested, I saw on his IG that he’s got 3 open spots for his online coaching starting 2/9.