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600lb Deadlift Possible for Everyone?


The kiddo does a great job these days, minus occasional bad dreams. Nighttime potty training went off almost entirely without a hitch. However, the puppy has remained a puppy for the full 8 years, and her best friend has now grown into an old dog that has ALSO become co-dependent in his declining years.


As we always say: if you work hard enough for long enough, anyone can improve their situation


Good in theory but frequently their entertainment is torturing you lol


Or fighting


Good luck to 60kg guys doing 600lbs. Most Asian guys weigh less than 70kgs.


They should gain weight.


Most people dont care about deadlifts.


They don’t need luck. They just need a genetic abnormality and mild physical disfigurement.


Yeah. They should also care about deadlifts if they want to deadlift 600lbs.


Car rides can be a nightmare, that’s for sure.


Lol dude doesnt even have to bring the bar above his knees at lockout, wow some leverages

Edit** rewatched looks like its ever so slightly above his knees (still amazing leverages for deadlift)


Why though?


How fast can someone make it to 600? Say an average guy with average leverages.


Why is speed a factor? Overall, the fastest to any goal between people who are equal in all aspects will be the one who best does what it is needed to get there.


Well if your 20 how quickly you get there is relative. At 40 or 50 is it even possible


The Spirit is Willing, but The Flesh is Spongy and Bruised


10 minutes, if they have to load their own plates.


From what I’ve seen, in the 40-50 group it’s possible. Advantage one is that by then you’re generally smarter and more likely to find out how to do things properly before doing dumb shit. For example, you @losthog: you’re new to this but train much more sensibly than a lot of younger guys as experienced. Just because I question the method you’re using doesn’t mean I don’t see that. Advantage two is you’ll probably have a better work ethic and be prepared to delay gratification, which ties in to advantage one. Honestly, I think unless you’re absolutely beat to shit it’s very possible. How long it’ll take is harder to pick, but I’d throw out one to five years.


Dude, understand that I value your critical eye. In form, programming, all things technical. It is a piece of the total package every training team needs according to Dave Tate. If you agreed with everything and Never bucked back to evaluate things, I would value your opinion little to none. Instead, I listen with my own critical ear and apply the things that I’m able to understand and implement.

Now then, why you assume I’m asking for me bro?


I’m not. I’m just using you as an example.