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600lb Deadlift Possible for Everyone?


I see a lot of guys who should be able to deadlift 405 but can’t and probably never will. So no…I don’t think it’s even close to possible for everyone.


Can’t or won’t?


Oh, Jesus Christ.

Please actually read some of the posts in the thread.


:joy::joy::joy: so true


Here’s a question then, how long would it take an average man with 15 hours a week to spend on all aspects of training - stretching, mobility, lifting etc to get to a 600 deadlift?


Exactly 19 +/- 0 weeks. No other variables exist. Good question.


I think it would go faster if they spent less time stretching and doing mobility and more time lifting.


I’m glad you revived this. In December of 2016 when this thread started, I was motivated to go to the gym and max out on deadlift. I pulled 450 with a nice Texas Deadlift bar. On Monday I pulled 545 lbs.

I also had hip surgery in December and went 12 weeks without directly loading my left leg. Perhaps we can find the answer to your question if/when I hit 600 lbs.

I also don’t train 15 hours a week. I’m doing good to train 5-6 hours a week. I usually get two 60-90 minute sessions on my days off from work and two 30-60 minute sessions on work days.


Who the hell has time to train 15 hours a week unless you are an Olympic lifter that has 3 sessions a day.

Less thinky, more lifty and eating


Here’s a question: why does everyone need a measuring stick, particularly one that doesn’t apply to them in the first place?

Nobody who has posted in this discussion even qualifies as ‘an average man’. We all train with weights. That fact alone makes us not average. None of us are starting from scratch.

Then you have starting age to factor in. You also have eating history, athletic background, dedication, pain tolerance, etc. Then you have to factor in potential for injuries along the way… I could go on but there’s no reason to.

It’s just all nonsense.


OOOOHHH I just read a fun fact! Apparently, the average age of all living humans, right now, is about 32. That makes me close to average!


Damn, I’m moving closer and closer to average with each passing day.


I turn 32 in a few weeks, guess I’m going to be average for a year :frowning:

I have a better question.

What is the LIGHTEST bodyweight humanly possible one could be to deadlift 1000lbs?


Do you care about height with this question?

We don’t have anyone under 300 lbs that has done it yet, so that’s one factor to consider. But, we do have a human deadlifting 900 at just over 200 lbs. He is very unique in his ability, but he does exist. It seems the chasm between 900 and 1000 is fairly large. It’s crazy how many people we’ve seen cross the 900 barrier but can’t approach 1000.

Purely speculation, but I think we could see someone pull 1000 at around a 275 bodyweight, maybe even as low as 250ish. If anyone could do it in the next 10 years, it would likely be Cailer Woolam. Nobody else is as gifted as he is at the deadlift, and he’s ridiculously young, so he may have a lot more in the tank. Larry Wheels may also deadlift 1000 without breaking the 300 lbs bodyweight marker.

Are straps allowed in this equation?


You know, Flip, I think I get so used to hanging out in these forums and interacting with people such as yourself that I still think I’m the average guy. I guess it’s all about perception. I don’t really interact with too many “average” Americans.

Well, maybe I do when I’m at work. That would probably be my co-workers. But I don’t spend a lot of time with them. And the people I deal with on calls are definitely well below average in pretty much every aspect of life…especially intelligence.


Seconded. I don’t even compare myself to people that I actually know haha just the strong bastards on here, which makes me severely average 'round these parts.



Sure why not, just for the sake of conversation.

I wonder can someone that’s like 185 (obviously packed full of muscle) ever approach something close to that number.


Sweet another thing I’m average at, life, hurray!!




We have no evidence in our world to support that possibility. so I’m gonna say no to anything under about 250. 185 ain’t happening. not even close.