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600lb Deadlift Possible for Everyone?


No the numbers are great, just the way it looks because of your comment on the sumo form. His squat looks absurd


I dunno, he hits depth so that’s all he really needs to do for a total. Granted it looks a bit odd but what works, works, right?


Very true. Squats are always one of those lifts that it blows my mind what is optimal for someone. It seems like everyone squats a little different, but still achieve success.


Pulling 601 at 130 and he’s only 19! Thats insane!


Seems relevant: We’ve got a new member pulling over 600 at 17 years old.


I quit.


Let’s see him calculate depreciation on some stuff.


Bro, his squat and bench are nearly the same. Clearly just a poser. :confused:


He obviously isn’t cut out for this.


Lol, that’s the spirit!


My bench has always been stronger than my other lifts :slight_smile:
And I dont focus on squats, my main focus was my deadlift since november


Just ball-busting, man, no worries.

How long’ve you been training and what were your lifts when you started?

As you can see from this thread, some people have decided that people like you can’t actually have done what you’ve done. Funny how that works.




‘Fool me once, shame on you…’


I started training in 7th grade with calisthenics then a year later I joined a gym and did my bro workouts like chest and bis , back and tris ( I started with 110 lbs for reps on the bench press , soon I was training with 135) … then when I was 13 I had two heart surgeries so I wasn’t able to train till I was 15 then I found out about powerlifting and my old rugby team took me back to play with them : I have been lifting seriously since that day ;
my first deadlift at 15 yo was 315 x 2 (@160lbs bw)
bench was around when I restarted 225x6
and my poor squat was 200 x 8
I gained nearly all my weight at 16 yo :
in my senior year I was 250 lbs my squat was 405 x 3 / bench was 360 x 5 and deadlift was 450 for 6.
that’s my story :slight_smile:


Jesus Christ


Let’s see him try to vote.


That’s really cool mate. Look after your body and the sky is the limit for you!


It took me two fucking years to bench 100 kgs at a bodyweight of 65-66 kgs( was 16 years old at the time). This isn’t fair😂… Just kidding mate , I wish you the best