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600lb Deadlift Possible for Everyone?


If that 175lb guy got to 250, that would help him.


Could that guy develop hellacious finger strength for a Super Strong Monkey Grip style to get better leverage?


I dont think you have to be that heavy to pull 600lbs, I pulled 605lbs from 14"(@219lbs) at my last comp. Probably could done more weight if it wasnt my 9th pull. I was able to do 560lbs from the floor @200lbs. So I think in a few months I could be able to pull 600lbs sub 220lbs


Definitely don’t need to be 250. I did it at 181.


Well you’re a sorcerer, so you dont count. Using black magic isnt IPF approved yet.


Could just any old 175 pound male pull 600? No.

However, if you believe that 600 is impossible for a 175-pound male, I do not think you’re all that acquainted with the world of powerlifting or strongman. There are people lifting in the 165’s that have deadlifted over 700, and 181’s well into the high 700’s (maybe even low 800’s).

But anyway…

…going back to the original point of the thread, there were no such conditions imposed on needing to stay within a specific body weight; if the question is merely “Can an average male reach a 600 pound deadlift, given time?” then for some people, there will be a need to gain body weight, if that is a goal.


With all due respect to @T3hPwnisher, I am certainly NOT a sorcerer and have pulled 600 from the floor with a bodyweight in the mid-220’s, and I’m just a random dude that does pretty basic low-volume training for some stress relief and the personal satisfaction of occasionally lifting a really heavy thing. Even putting aside the world beaters from the very top who are setting world records pulling 750 pounds at 181 (where the hell is @Vincepac1500 anyway? He’s pulled over 700 at 181, I think) you have schlubs like me that can do this without any special performance enhancers, training program, coaching or fancy equipment.

Earlier in this thread, someone raised a very salient point: notice that most of the people in the “yes” camp are those that have seriously attempted to train with a goal of maximal strength for a prolonged period of time, and many/most of them have achieved a 600 pull or close to it. Many of the people in the “no” camp are either a) more physique-oriented (which is fine!) and arrange their training as such or b) are new/new-ish to training and think a 600 deadlift is impossible b/c they haven’t spent enough time with the barbell yet to realize. Sure, someone that’s been lifting for one year, half of that on a bodypart split and half of that on Starting Strength, with a 315 pull, thinks that 600 is a feat that can only be achieved by immortals. I would venture to guess that most people who train with a goal of maximal strength for 2-3 years would lean harder on the “yes” side of this question because they’ve come to understand the process of getting stronger, and that it isn’t that complicated, it just requires time, consistency and effort.


You are a Lvl III Lightning Mage…I agree not quite sorcerer, but almost there.


This and /Thread.


Sorry gotta reopen this just to show this.

130lb guy pulling 601. Not the prettiest lift but damn.

He pulled 590 just before this lift which is his histification for the ‘sloppy’ lockout.



That’s insane. Like genuinely (to me) more impressive or as impressive as Eddie Hall’s 500kg deadlift.
It’s getting towards 5 times body weight!


Absolutely crazy, no doubt.

I still have more respect? maybe awe is the right word, for the heaviest lifts, so Eddies 500 still tops it for me but this is definitely up there.

Think he’s trying to break the ATWR 630 at 132. Looks like he has a good shot.


No doubt they are both at the upper limit of human ability. And that’s kinda what I like to see. Push the envelope sort of stuff.
I know what you’re saying about the smaller guys and smaller numbers. It’s hard to be in awe of someone who is not as strong as you. But conversely I’m always amazed by the under 62 and even the under 53kg weight classes at the olympics. Not that I watch regularly. But damn - all those guys get 2.7xbw above their heads. I can.t help but be in awe.


Because diminishing returns.


I love seeing him deadlift, but his squat bothers me on more levels than I can think of


Ha now I have to go and find his squat vids. Never seen it.


I dunno, a 200kg squat @ 130 is equally Insane in my mind.

127.5kg Bench is pretty povvo by his standard, better than @guineapig though.


Wait…where’s the deadlift?


Instagram link a few posts up.


My post was a strongman joke about sumo pulls.