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600lb Deadlift Possible for Everyone?


Eh? Urban dictionary defines “No Chill” as:

People who have “no chill” or who have lost their “chill” have effectively lost their ability to act in a rational manner.


Thats not the T-Nation dictionary tho :hushed:


Maybe rural folk have a different meaning for it? Try the rural dictionary…


Oh ok, I see there are multiple different definitions on the same page.


No chill means I’m fine, warmth is adequate and there’s no need to haul wood inside at the moment.


I live in a high rise condo in Dallas. Pretty sure I’m supposed to use urban definitions for things.


The grind is NOT fun at all. That’s why my end goal in lifting is very simple.

Get to a point where I’m happy with my numbers and body so that I have the ability to just lift twice a week to maintain what I’ve built for the rest of my life.

Once the kids come and the business takes off I won’t have time like I do now, so gotta grind and bust ass until then!


Seems legit

also seems legit

I think the Urban Dictionary needs to up their game.



Not a very measured question. Short answer would be yes, but behind that requires years of training and dedication to get to that goal. Your average guy on the street won’t be able to walk into the gym and lift 600lb, some may not be able to walk in and hit 300. SO it is possible, but it comes with hard work. Look at Eddie Hall, when he was 18 he couldn’t lift 600, now he’s 28 and holds the world record for the deadlift, through sheer determination and hard work.


I would take the pill
100 fucking percent

Why would we want to sacrifice thousands of hours of our lives to build to a body shape or physical goal when you could be out enjoying the little time we have on this planet doing the things that truely make us happy, be that spending time with your family, winning comps, eating 20 big macs in one sitting as opposed to “grinding” in the gym.
Not that the gym isnt a place of therapy to us, I love it but i would rather the road to glory be easy and rosey then full of potholes.
My entire existence whether that be my job, any form of labour or even carrying the groceries in from the car, if I can find an easier way, a shorter travel distance to get to my goal, why wouldnt I do it?

I mean lets face it, invariably if you commit enough time, effort and dedication to whatever realm of lifting you decide to follow (powerlifting/bodybuilding/strong man), youre eventually going to get a respectable body composition that will usually result in people accusing you (rightly or wrongly) of abusing steroids…
Lets face it, if you can take a pill that puts you ahead of everyone and you dont have to take PCT, sign me up yesterday

Pride or not, im driven to be the best.


Fair call, stiff suspension and lifting at the tyre make a huge difference.

Let’s restate the question a bit - if someone:

  • has no regard for body composition
  • focuses only on the deadlift and injury prevention
  • has access to a world class coach (Sheiko?)
  • has access to a world class sports nutrionist (Berardi?)
  • can allocate as much time as necessary to train
  • leads a low stress life
  • always gets their ass to the gym
  • dedicates the years between ages 15 and 40 to it

Do you think most would succeed under those circumstances?


Yeah I think 90% could then. And I think that a lifter having Sheiko and Berardi behind him would instantly lift 45 lbs more thanks to the mental stimulation


This is a great discussion about 600lb deadlifts.


I just read through this entire thread and it was amazing to see the transition in conversation. Simply beautiful. The whole circle jerk at the end was fantastic.


This is how I feel about training so I guess I don’t grind much.

“I feel so alive!” applies to how I feel at the gym.

Being eaten by the dog is what happens when I leave and have to be an adult again.


Probably. But when you create such a perfect scenario, one which almost no humans will ever find themselves in, the question becomes very uninteresting.


I wouldn’t take the pill if it gave me all of the results, but I would certainly take one that got me results twice as fast. Wait…

EDIT - In all seriousness, I enjoy the process, to an extent. I like being in the gym, & like @MarkKO training is one of the very few, if not the only thing in my life where I have total focus. Hell, even when I’m meditating my thoughts won’t stop wandering. Training is therapeutic for me.

It’s a silly thought, but in my own thought experiments, I’ve wondered that if there were truly a heaven, where the streets were golden and farts smelled like donuts - & everyone could deadlift 1,000lbs. I can’t help but think how boring it would be.

2nd EDIT: the training part I mean, I’m sure I could find other cool things to do.


Interesting discussion here. I never expected this thread to generate so much discussion. I still have not deadlifted 600lb but I have not given up just yet. I had a sedentary lifestyle previously now I work a physical job. It’s much harder to train now. Just got over a tear in my MCL in my right knee. It wouldn’t recover quickly as I had to keep working. I think this time I am coming back stronger.
I do enjoy the process or as some have mentioned at least elements of it. I also hate it .
I would recommend getting a home gym to anyone . It keeps you honest and more importantly consistent.


You think a 175lb male could pull 600? I’m not so sure. Now, a 250lb dude may be able to pull it off. That’s pushing it even with great leverage imo…