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600lb Deadlift Possible for Everyone?


Imagine how much worse you would have felt if you’d been pedaling.

I’m sorta standing with the duke on this one. (Disclaimer: I may be doing so in hopes of ingratiating myself with him enough to where he takes me off the “zero chill” list. I can’t have a 15 y.o. thinking I’m not cool.) If grinding is defined as working out when you don’t want to, I’ve never grinded (ground?) a day in my life. I have always loved the process. Someone once told me they “admired” my discipline, working out so consistently. I told them that was like admiring me for eating potato chips. No discipline required.

I still look forward to, and am excited by the prospect of, every single workout. Maybe even more so now that, at 55, off in the distance I can see the end of my lifting career. Like athletes in general, every lifter dies twice.


I’m not down with the kid’s lingo these days… my wife refers to me as a 52 y/o, but I believe ‘Zero Chill’ is considered cool…




You guys do realize that countless men have done this during Depression Era without enough to eat, training on shit equipment and before AAS or supplements? People have lost their work ethic.




Guy doesnt post for 15 years and returns and says that, damn.


And I was just succeeded in convincing myself to go to the gym. Now it’s gonna have to wait. Double damn.



Would you understand it better in crayon? Where’s Zep?


I need my chakras released!!


I cant accept that I will change my mind until i actually do change my mind - you cant for sure say i will though.

Im already ugly as fuck, i already have a messed up shoulder thats out of position and a genetic spine issue causing it to be slightly out of whack. Injuries do not worry me lol, the only bad thing about them is the time they will restrict me from doing certain things. I can live with that though. Injuries will happen.

Edit: I fucked up my back when i was little doing gymnastics as well. Had to be rushed to hospital and had severe back pain and it flares up if i dont be careful/ or if use dumb form. Its fine though. Lifting has strengthened it.


better talk to your wife about that shit … I don’t know nothin’ about releasing no man’s chakras.


This is very relatable to me. Training is my time, when my mind shuts the fuck up and I don’t have to deal with anything except the weights. It’s that, and getting bigger and stronger, that keep me going to do it. The actual lifting weights sucks for a good 75 per cent of the time and is fairly ambivalent another 20 per cent of the time. That five per cent where it’s enjoyable is hitting a PR because that’s payday.


Did you even look at the Gif Dump properly😦 it means you’re cool. Although only that one post i witnessed was zero chill, you still made the list. @flipcollar is the guy with the most zero chill. So much so people have considered starting threads about his no chill posts.


ok at this point it would be awesome if someone under the age of 20 could explain to me this whole ‘no chill’ thing. I figured it was a relatively neutral term, but the way you’re using it here sounds like it has a negative connotation. Is that correct? Is it something you think I should be embarrassed about, or that it’s a character flaw?


I’ll eavesdrop on the explanation if you don’t mind.


I interpreted it as ‘you’re blunt and/or aggressive in your posting style’. Which is accurate enough. I’m not on ‘Coddling Nation’ or ‘All the Feels Nation’, or ‘I Have Real Excuses Nation’.


You forgot T(riggered)-Nation.


@flipcollar and @EyeDentist


Sorta, its not a bad thing

Its actually a good thing- people need a kick up the ass like you’ve given me 100 times, or just “zero chill responses” where you roast someone without trying when you’re just being truthful and blunt. So it ends up being funny.

Its hard to describe zero chill but its not meant to be a negative connotation or me thinking you should be embarrassed about it.