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600lb Deadlift Possible for Everyone?


@strongmangoals appears to have taken it literally. I think most of us took it as hyperbole, but you can’t really fault someone for taking it literally on the internet.


So let me see if I have this right.

You are willing to take the pill to succeed at everything you deem unimportant to you, but you are prepared and willing to fail, or at least assume the risk of failure at the thing that is important when you can have a 100% chance of success?

Do you see why I said this is a big red flag to me?


Success to me is the Journey from going from A______to______B and improving myself as much as i can. Getting a free pill to instantly achieve such and such instead of training for it when i enjoy many aspects of training would just suck for me. Id rather a chance of failure then to take a pill.

I still dont really comprehend the big red flag thing though.


In the future i think i will look upon alot of threads and think to myself " how the fuck did i not understand what they were saying, was i really that stupid"

Someone once said to me when i told them something was pointless “Its like a line, a line has a point…” a year later and i finally figured it out.


If you enjoy training then training in and of itself is the reward. For many of us, reaching point B is all that matters. I.e. the destination is the reward and the “journey” is just a requirement.

As an analogy, you and I are both dying to go to Disney World, but it would require us to drive 15 hours to get there. You’re basically saying, it’s not about reaching Disney World for me. It’s about the drive to Disney. I just love the open road. Totally acceptable, it’s your life.

I think, the majority of us just want to get to Disney World and the sooner the better.


Because the journey itself will include many things you need to do to progress which will be similar to the things that you are willing to take the pill to overcome.

Since the pill does not exist in reality, and you are more concerned with the journey than the actual results, what happens then?


Of course I want results from training , just to work for them myself without cheating ( e.g not skipping the journey with a magic pill).

Constantly stuffing my face just to gain weight and strength isnt pleasant, but id rather do it than not have earned my stripes and gone through the journey because, i like training as well as the results.

If there was a choice between
A) Deadlift 1500 ibs instantly
B) Have the genetic potential to Deadlift 1500 ibs but i have to work for it than I’d go for option B

If all i had to take was Option A then fuck it I’d do it.

I would want to get to disney world sooner.


It’s an analogy…


Ahhh, so you view it as cheating. That actually explains a bit.


Yes. Just the analogy didnt work for what I was trying to say

That and

Sums it up.


I don’t think you understand how analogies work then…


Read the part you replied to again because I don’t want to misconstrue your words.

Is it fair for me to say you will take the pill if meeting your end goal requires you to do what I wrote above?


I write recreationally, but even in such a capacity I’ll say that the goal is typically to allow the widest range of audience to be able to understand your meaning, at least in such instances where are you trying to communicate to such an audience.

When you write a post, how long do you spend re-reading it before submitting it? I’ll rewrite a lot of mine when I realize that the meaning I wanted to express is different than what the words I selected represent.

As @usmccds423 pointed out, hyperbolic speech is going to result in miscommunication online. It’s why I tend to avoid it.


Im willing to do the things that i will need to do to progress, whatever they may end up being.

I’d rather not take the pill, instead id rather get big and strong by myself. I dont think i have the genetics to be an elite level powerlifter or strongman but i can certainly try.

I was meaning if i had a choice to take two different pills i wouldpick option B. If there was only option A i would pick that because that would be awesome but id rather end up with a 600ib life time deadlift pr then 1500 magically.


I did think my post that pinkylifting understood everyone else would too but i guess not. When i write a post, i dont spend that long re reading it so i guess that partly answers my question down below.

I have taken to posting things and then editing the post quickly so no one would get offended over what i wrote- but people can look at the edit anyway. The next step is to re-read what im about to post more.

And that.


I want you to know I caught you how wrote “not long” before you went back and edited your post to day all of this instead, which kinda proves the point, haha.

But yeah, on the internet especially, re-read before submitting. That skill will be incredibly valuable if you ever go the corporate route. People live and die over e-mail.


Including not “enjoying the process”?


Why can’t you enjoy the process?


I think we’ve come to the point in this thread where we need to say “Let’s agree to disagree”.



Ironic lol. Yeah i went back and edited it because i posted it then realized i left out alot of information. If i just re read what i type more ( like you said) that will eliminate alot of editing haha.

Whilst in this thread i dont really think people were able to properly get there point across//alot of confusion mainly from my posts ( by that i mean i was confusing people and getting confused) so like a confusion war haha, this was beneficial towards future posting. Thanks man