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600lb Deadlift Possible for Everyone?


Oh yeah I’ve had it on both knees, and just got carpal tunel surgery on both wrists 3 months ago. Didn’t stopped training ahah. I remember once I walked 1h30 in my splint under a 40°C sun to go to the gym



I’m not sure what relationship there is between going to school and choosing fun activities.


This is what I meant when I wrote that going to school would count as the grind.

You can either coast through school or you can actually try to apply yourself. There’s obviously a big spectrum in between the two, but the point is simple- you either choose a goal and exert whatever effort is required to achieve it, or you don’t bother with a goal and so you just meander through school/life.


Yeah but he’s saying that taking the pill would deprive him of experiencing “the grind”, which would deprive him of the satisfaction due to him once his goal has been achieved.

I’m telling him to apply his logic to something he doesn’t like to do while giving up something that actually gives him satisfaction at this moment in time.


I’m confused. I thought the grind was when you choose to work to achieve some goal at the expense of “fun”, whatever that may be for you.


You have to read the posts above about whether or not you would take a pill that will cause you to achieve your goals instantly and his views on it.


My goal is to look good so I am almost certainly never going to pull 600. If I do, f*cking great, but it’s not a priority for me. Could I? I think so, yes…

I think most able bodied men do have the potential capacity to do it as many others have said. The exceptions in my view are those men who simply lack the co-ordination and motor skills to learn how to carry out tasks that require both skill and serious physical assertion. I know a few such men and they have plenty of other talents, but I am almost 100% sure it would take them more than a lifetime to even learn how to deadlift in the first place without injuring themselves once a few plates were on the bar.


I know we over-complicate this stuff and you’d think anything that isn’t perfect form would snap a person in half the way some people go on about it. But surely of all the variables, being able to deadlift, if you had 20 years to practice, is the most certain of all of them.


It seems there is a lot of confusion, demonstrated by young duke, between embracing the process and enjoying the process.

The mistake the young(er) guys seem to make is thinking you have to enjoy the process, objectively enjoy it, to succeed.

I think one eventually learns to differentiate this from the reality of embracing the process, finding elements of enjoyment within it, or being sufficiently focused on the goals that progress towards them brings some enjoyment, which is essential.

However as we get more advanced, diminishing returns mean we feel the grind more, with less progress to reward us. This would seem to explain why, over time, the people with less hunger / drive / need to win take their foot off the gas or just give up, leaving those with the insatiable desire to win, like Flip or the aforementioned Shaws and Bjornsons of the world. Also explains why noobs ‘love the process’ so much, because evrey time they do embrace the grind, they are rewarded with near linear progress, and they perhaps can;t yet separate enjoyment they get from being that much closer to their desired awesomeness, from the ‘grind’ or effort they have put in, which is, relatively, insignificant at that point.


Put it this way. These dudes have been playing football (soccer) casually for 25 years and still struggle to kick a ball straight. It’s not for lack of trying!

I may be wrong, Lord knows I’m no expert.


The gym just offers so many benefits for me that even if i got to a stage where i only added 5kg to all my lifts in 6 months I’d still go. Mental relief is one of the biggest factors as well as wanting to be bigger and stronger since i was a little kid. I have goals to become very, very strong.
I’ve tried many different things, Pills, Psychologists, counselling etc and the best thing for me which makes me feel better is the gym. So i disagree with the “loving the progress because of near linear progress” i love training, having control of how i train and learning things about something im passionate about, i dont like much things so to have a hobby like this is great. The benefits of training far outweigh the negatives.

I know in future gains will slow down dramatically. If lifting shaved off 30 years off my lifespan id still do it. So yes i love the process of going to the gym even if it means risk of possible injuries/worn down tendons in the future, I dont have to grind like you guys because i dont have a family to look after or a strenuous job and responsibilities, all i do is attend school.


5kg every 6 months would be fucking sweet.

Man, not this guy. I’d rather not die in my 40s… That may seem far off to you, but it’s just over the horizon for a lot of us.


I feel you Duke, honestly I do, I was the same when I first started lifting, at about your age.

And I’m not saying those aren’t your motivations, only suggesting that with time will come other responsibilities, possibilities, as well as perspective.

The fact you love training, for whatever reason, is great. Stick with it, embrace it, make the most of it.


You might think that throwing increasingly absurd statements out there is convincing but it really just robs you of credibility.

What’s next? If you had an hour to live you’d head to the gym?


It was an example of how much i love training. Not using absurd statements to be convincing, why does this trigger you?

***sigh Misinterpretation of another post of mine.


Thats hilarious. Lol.

Although that’s a Rhetorical question, my answer is I would try to contact as many family members and friends as possible, and tell them I loved them and thanks for giving me the pleasure of knowing them. Also id try eat all my favourite foods.


Duke, you gotta ask yourself; if the posts always get misinterpreted, and it is by different people each time, where does the issue exist?


So would I be right if I said you would take the pill to be good in everything else when they become overwhelming so that you are able to go to the gym?


That is correct. Id still go to the gym when everything else is shitty though.


Pinkylifting understood my post. Are they really that hard for people to correctly understand what im trying to say? What in my posts conveys possible different meanings to what i was intending?