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600lb Deadlift Possible for Everyone?


Uh, the same way people often brag about anything they’re good at or own.


picking up a barbell loaded with weight vertically is not hard to do now using multiple muscle groups to lift something overhead and squat same time is different type of bragging… just imo


as serious as you boy


Try it with 1000lbs. It gets hard.





So your not into chubby girls?:wink:


OMG! That was funny!


Someone else had to be thinking it Im just low life enough to say it…LOL



Just pulled 605 for a double. Suckaaaaaaa


@T3hPwnisher please give us your best Nick Cage impression while deadlifting next time you post a video.


Maybe if you deadlifted more…


so much stupid in this post.

  1. you’ve been training your snatch for 3 weeks. Of course you don’t have perfect form, because it takes years to achieve anything resembling perfect form. What an idiotic thing to say.

  2. Your deadlift is shit. So are your bench and squat for that matter. So of course you don’t think those lifts are hard. You’re not doing them well. I can guarantee you don’t have perfect form on any of those lifts, including the deadlift. Any lift performed at a high level is impressive.


While identifying yourself with your Deadlift alone is not a good thing (there’s more to life than that), insulting people who have big deadlifts is ignorant.

I suck at long distance running so marathon runners are stupid. Let’s see them beat me at golf or bowling; those are skills that involve multiple muscle groups and the right combination of power and accuracy. Running is easy.

The fact that someone is good at something less “skillful” than another feat doesn’t negate their accomplishment.

World’s Strongest Man competition is stupid and irrelevant because anyone can pick up a rock and put it on a pedestal. That’s not impressive at all.

And if you haven’t read all of these posts, please scroll up and and look at the videos and pics of some of this forum’s 600lb deadlifters. They look like they’re plenty capable of other things…probably even snatches.


So sad to see this thread die. Great thread!


50%+ of the men have the physical capacity
Less than 10% the required dedication


Can a 43 year old just 6months into lifting with a current DL max of 365 (highest I’ve ever done) tried 425 but couldn’t break the floor easily…didn’t really push it too much, get to 600lbs?

I’ve dead lifted for 4 weeks.


Nope, impossible.

Go ahead and prove me wrong though.


Yes. It’ll take a while and you’ll need to get a lot right, but definitely possible.


I’ll be happy to get a 3,4,5…but I’m growing every workout. Trying to push as hard as I can while I’m getting these noob gains.