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600lb Deadlift Possible for Everyone?


So because you can do something, others can too. What kind of reasoning is this? Imagine if Glen Chabot came on here and said, “I benched in the low 7’s with gear. If I can do it geared, there’s no reason someone else geared can’t.” Lol.


In fairness, I wouldn’t consider an IQ of 80 to be “healthy”, nor would I consider the physical equivalent to be. That may be the issue (which I alluded to earlier): non standardized terminology.

  1. Someone a few posts up did make the case that there’s a difference between “most” and “all” that we might not have defined clearly enough, and that could account for part of a discrepancy in perspectives here. I think most able-bodied, healthy men have the (physical) potential to hit a 500 pull if they work at it before leaving their physical prime. Speaking of which…

  2. People with IQ’s of 80 are pretty far down the spectrum. As Punisher just said…

IQ tests are designed to have a mean of 100 and a standard deviation of 15; and only about 5 percent of the population has an IQ of 75 or lower. So if you want to say that men who are in the bottom 5-10 percent of men of muscle-growing potential can’t reach a 600 deadlift then, um, fine? I don’t think most of us would disagree with that…


Fair points!


There’s exceptions, but I shouldn’t have to mention that I’m talking about relatively healthy people with determination to deadlift a lot of weight.

I still believe a 600lb deadlift is nothing extraordinary in the world of lifting unless you weigh under 180lbs or something.


Neither at this point honestly. Just kicking the dead horse that is damn near 300 posts where OP has barely posted


The summary of this thread is how does everyone interpret the term “most people”. Would anyone’s opinion of this changed if it was defined as 90% of healthy males? For example if you go to school or have job that a random sample of the population can do physically then 9 in 10 men could have DL 600 if they started young and worked really hard.


In fairness to the OP, he just asked a question. I’m not sure if he’s read all of the answers though.


I have read them all yes. I have my own opinion , I was just interested in everyone else’s . I wouldn’t mind some help with my plan though guys.


Yeah you might want to start a fresh thread for that one.


Can I bump my old thread


Only 600lb deadlifters are allowed to do that.


It’s possible for most, especially if you only do the squat/bench/deadlift thing

Then you go brag about those numbers and your bodyweight. Nevermind that you are bad at every other exercises that isn’t the squat/bench/deadlift.

Which is kinda lame in my opinion.


i dont understand people that brag about their deadlift numbers… its literally the easiest movement to do apart from benching, now bragging about snatch is something else…i been training oly lifts for 3+ weeks now and still do not have form down perfect i can bench close to 280 squat 300+ and deadlift 450+ yet i cant even do a snatch with more than 135 lb…


This is why I do all of my lifting while covered in bees. The more difficult the lift, the better.


I hope this is a serious comment…


After reading this thread I am now convinced that if I work hard enough I will be able to pull 600. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I got a better question.

What’s the minimum a healthy adult male should be able to deadlift at any point in time regardless of size?


However much his girlfriend weighs.


My best tip for improving deadlift. Look at some impressive DL videos online of women lifting 400+. Those are more motivating as its a goal you should be able to surpass. The 900+ ones are nice to watch but when you’ll never get anywhere close to that is easy to set your goals too low.