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600k Ecstasy Pills Seized


Just got work informed they wernt pokeballs, so no worries fellas :wink:



That's a lot of dope.


They've saved so many lives with this. Just think what would have happened if those pills would have made it to the public. It could have caused widespread dancing- truly the stuff of pure violence and murder.


Reminds me of the movie Layer Cake


Look, first they dance, then they have sex and before you know it they question authority.

Cant have that.


Ha! Good point.


Yeah, Fuck the Police! What were they thinking busting up this ring of nice unarmed folks selling completely harmless substances...


everyone needs to take a little E every now and then :slightly_smiling:


You mean the very same police that makes sure that I cannot buy the pure product at half the price from decent business men?

Indeed, what are they thinking?

Drug enforcement career = wasted life.


Yea because MDMA hasn't been clearly linked with brain damage or anything.


You mean like alcohol?


I knew that was coming. The severity and swiftness in which the brain damage sets in is not even comparable. You can drink alcohol more than 20 times at the common recreational doses without noticing long lasting impairment. MDMA.. not so much. Comparing the two is like comparing the damage done by getting hit by a BMX bike to that of a Volkswagen.


If you drink 20 times the common recreational dose of alcohol you are dead.

Even if that were not so, someone who habitually uses drugs that destroy his brain has no use for it anyway.

You cant fix stupid, not even with 70 billion a year and armies of jack booted thugs.


Reading comprehension fail


That is better than a reality comprehension fail.

Do you have a bust of Elliot Ness in your house?


No one has ever had any complications related to ex...have they? (sarcasm)





that's a knock out


How unfortunate then for you to be afflicted by both


There is a 100% chance that the ecstasy was not pure MDMA. Who knows what garbage that batch included.