6000mg of Tribulus?

I recently picked up a multivitamin, called “men’s performance”, and while I was scanning the ingredients, it listed 6g(6000mg) of tribulus as one of the ingredients. I know that TRIBEX only has like 600mg… I have never really taken tribulus in any form before(save for trying TRIBEX once, and not even finishing the bottle) so I don’t really know much about it(never spent too much time researching it or anything). I was surprised to see it in a multivitamin to begin with, but 6000mg seems totally over the top.

has anyone else seen anything like this? what’s the deal?

It is most likely just the raw powder crammed into the capsule whereas TRIBEX is a potent and refined extract. Personally I dislike taking raw powders since you don’t know what other active properties within the plant you are ingesting.

I’ve never seen a multi with such a large dose of ingredients in a single tablet. How big is the pill?


The label does say 6g Tribulus and 4g. Milk Thistle and 1g Damiana, on top of a pretty weak looking multivitamin/mineral formula.

I’ve never heard of the brand before, but I’m doubting the label accuracy. But hey, at least it’s mint-scented. :wink:

I’ll second bdog527.

Blackmore’s one is an extract equivalent to as far as I know, I’m way too tired to check now but regardless I don’t believe it’s stnadardized for anything etc. I’ve used that multi twice - first time I felt affect and second I got nothing.