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600 Pound Bench (The Spotter Concerns Me)


Scroll to the 3:51 mark. For those of you that can bench 600 pounds as confidently as Andy Haman does in this video, wouldn't you still want a spotter (or 2) that can yank the weight up off of you if something goes wrong? I'm just asking.


If I know I can get a weight, and have gotten a weight before I won't ask for a spotter.

Maybe I should, but I don't plan for shit to go wrong, so far nothing has happened.

but then again, I can't bench 600 lbs for 4 reps, but he didn't even look too worn out from it.


thumbless grip...


Whats with the whipped cream? I watched without sound, so it looked absurdly... absurd...


I think I need to start using whip cream.


all you need is two fingers


You realize this has been discussed before and is fake right?


We've had that vid posted on here before... And why would he need a different spotter when benching fake weight?


<---- feels out of the loop for not knowing that


oops; sorry about that. consider this thread dead