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600 Deadlift Form


Any suggestions on form would be appreciated.



Since you’re pulling 600 lbs, chances are there isn’t much wrong with your technique for you. It looked good. Have you stayed relatively injury free deadlifting like this? If so, then there DEFINITELY isn’t anything to worry about.

What you need to think about is how you need to train to get to 700 lbs. How is your squat? What about your bench? If you bench under 300 lbs and/or squat under 500 lbs without wraps then your total will probably grow more/sooner by increasing your weakest lifts. Your DL will always be a big part of your total, but getting your bench to go from 290 lbs to 330 lbs will probably take less time than your DL from 600 to 650 lbs.


very impressive, even more so give your double overhand grip!

you start with your hips high but I think that’s actually good technique (others might disagree).

seems like your lower back might slightly round starting mid-way, but also not unusual for a lift that’s a grinder (as that one was). I’ve curious what 0.9RM might look like (since I’m assuming you do most of your training around there). do you get lower back pain? how different is your SLDL vs. DL?


NIce lift looked sharp.


pretty sure this is a hook grip… which is generally stronger than the over/under most people use. Just saying.

why would you assume this?


Looks a lot better than my pulls above 600. Well done!


Thanks. Staying injury free with RPR work (Reflexive Performance Reset)…

I didn’t train deadlift much to get to 600, once my low bar squat increased, my deadlift followed.

Squat is at 475 now, up from 440 at my last meet. Bench at 315 for the last couple years.

Awesome philosophy on increasing the total.



It is a hook grip. I went away from the over/under after Coach Thib recommended against it as it can cause low back issues.

Most of my Deadlift training recently has been pulling something heavy for one rep and trap bar deadlifting in the 65-75% range for hypertrophy.

High volume/intensity on low bar squats, the opposite for deadlifts (they beat me up so much).


totally agree on deadlift training. TBH, I rarely train deadlift at all. The highest frequency I’ve ever successfully used has been essentially once every 2 weeks. When I deadlift more often than that, I tend to stagnate or even get weaker. The exception to that was when I was training for a strongman comp that involved 405 for max reps. I was able to perform an AMRAP set once a week and progressed from around 12 or 13 reps to 18 in a minute, over the course of about 6 or 7 weeks.


Maybe stating the obvious here, but this is also dependent on what else you do. To wit, I made very good deadlift progress (going from 315 to 505 in a little over a year) while deadlifting much more frequently than this, but 1) I also was not squatting at all for most of that time and 2) many of my deadlift workouts were fairly “easy” - lots of medium singles. And I guess I’ll also add a point 3) what works for people going from 300 to 500 may be very different than what will work to get them from 600 to 700.

(I know this is in the “Powerlifting” section and thereby we could assume that this advice need be specific to people training for a full meet, so there are probably few non-squatters here, but even squatting 2x per week vs 1x per week probably makes a big difference in whether deadlifting 1x per week or once-every-two-weeks is what works well)

Point is, I think that people who do lots of squatting and other assistance work probably don’t need to deadlift much and, as you noted, might make very good progress pulling once every 2 weeks. I also think it’s a semi-viable approach to do a little more pulling and less squatting.


I’m not pulling 600 yet, but have hit 597. I’ve been told by some old heads to turn my toes outward a little more than what yours look to be. It seems to work, but only for a faster pull from the hole, sometimes the lockout is tougher.


Agreed. My Deadlift has always been my strong point (~120 lbs.) over my squat. Training my low bar squat a ton has shot my Deadlift up with hardly any training at all.

Makes me think that my weak low bar squat was a limiter to progressing my Deadlift.