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60 Years Old - Started 5 Years Ago


I'm 60 yrs old and I started training 5 years ago. Heres a pic from last week, any advice??


First off welcome. 60 ?? DAMN!!!!!


Advise? Keep doing whatever it is you are doing. Post details. I'm only a bit more than six years away from sixty. I'd like to know what might work or not by then. If you get bored, try throwing heavy stuff around (Highland Games, or Track and Field shot, discus, hammer.)


Wow you definitely do not look 60, nice work.


My max bench with good form is 335..I've always used a bad back as an excuse not to squat and relied on leg press, hack squat, etc. But from what I hear to bring up my bench and overall strengh up I have to squat. Its gonna suck cause I'm not gonna squat shit but ya got to start somewhere. Is there any validity to this idea?? And thanks for the replies so far the encouragement really helps boost my overall attitude!!


Have you tried front squats or trap bar deadlifts? Those exercises offer the benefits of squats and deads with much less lower back stress. You by no means HAVE to squat or deadlift to gain overall strength but if at all possible it's good to keep variations of them in your routine.


Welcome. what kind of routine do you follow? There is this guy lurking around these parts... I think he is referred to as a "Jehovah's Wendler"... he will knock on your door persistently trying to sell you some 5/3/1 snake oil. It's best just to give in to him now... lol!


Try standing farther back from the camera - you look way too intimidating to be 60 in that picture :wink:



Welcome davens!

Well, I've not made it to 60 yet, and I'm not good at 'advice', but I would just make these general statements:

  • be conscious of form on your lifts
  • be religious about mobility and joint health
  • listen to your body

Are you going to do a log here? I'd be interested in seeing that.

re: Squat -- you don't have to squat. What you have to do is listen to your body. I blew my back out 3 years ago enough that I could barely stand up and walk for weeks. I had to start all over literally from bodyweight 'curtsy' squats, to 10# db squats.

I squatted a 505 a few months ago. Let me qualify that with I am obsessive/compulsive about squat form and it hurts like hell for me to squat and deadlift. I'm probably a little retarded still doing them, point being it's not impossible, and not necessary, but doable if you want to do them.

Looking forward to see more!


SteelyD thanks for your post!! re: injury one things that has put me ahead of the game is starting so late I have no injuries or wer and tear other than life and I seem to be genetically gifted. I am new at this and I hear alot about logs, Exactly what does that entail??


No problem! Glad you're here!

re: log -- well, just go workout, then come back to this thread and post what ya did! :wink:

Most of our logs here in O35 are much more than just posting workouts. By far, some of the most entertaining and interesting posts/conversations are here. We have women in this forum that lift more than boys half their age and manage to progress with all that life has to offer after 35. Quite impressive (IMO).

Just read through a few, you'll get the idea. We're all here to commiserate all the little aches and pains that come along with the territory.


Belated welcome fellow old guy. Looking good in the picture. Give us a run down of your training.


just join in on the extended conversations that the various threads masquerading as training logs are around here, and shoot us some examples of your training sessions and videos for us to laugh at, I mean, comment on...