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60 Pounds of Gains

Yeah 8 months of 6+ lifts/week and a shit ton of food.


Dude,honestly go make a youtube channel right away.With all the traffic you’d get you could probably get some income from selling supplements,t shirts (don’t have to be yours,you can be an affiliate ) ect

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Haha wow thanks man that’d be cool, still gotta accomplish some more shit before I think about stuff like that…

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I’m calling BS on 60 lean pounds in 8 months. I’m guessing more like 30 lbs, or a longer time frame. What do you weigh in the first and last picture?

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135 was a month earlier than the photo on the left, then 190-195 8 months later from the photo on the left 190-95. In the photo I’m at around 145, but a month before during boot camp I was even thinner.

he was being sarcastic lol

thread is 2 years old lol

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