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60 minutes after workout

60-90 minutes following workout what
are the good meals?Carbo+Pro is ideal?Banana+eggs,?

I have protein (Chicken, fish or egg wwhites + 1 whole egg) and lots of green veggies

im finding it hard to eat in the summer heat and i train late into the evening so sometimes i’ll just have an MRP made with ice water

Paul…it all depends on what your goals are. Regardless…I always wait about 60 minutes post workout to eat, but depending on what my goal is (cutting, bulking)…determines what foods I eat and how much. Does that make sense? I’d hate to write this long post and come to find out that it doesn’t help you at all, so sorry for the lame response. Care to elaborate what your goals are? And yes…P+C should be your 1st post training meal regardless of what your goals are.


Tony’s right - it’s all dependent on your goals. If you want to trim down, I’'d keep this 2nd post workout meal a P+F. If you want to maintain or bulk you want it P+C.

Since this meal falls in the 6 hr window where you’re body is very receptive to carb intake, higher glycemic carbs seem good for it. John Berardi is said to believe this meal should be high glycemic with fiber. As such a Grow! shake with 1/4 cup of bran (10g carbs, 6 of which are pure fiber) seems to fit the bill nicely.


I’m working out later as well, I’ve just been drinking surge immediately after a WO and then a fistfull of nuts before slumber. It would be interesting to see what other guys are doing for their post WO meals when it’s late at night.

I finish my workouts between 6:30 - 7:00 p.m. I always use Surge or Relentless immediately following. My next meal is typically P+C (chicken, sweet potato, green veggies or fish and veggies, etc.). The meal after that is usually my meal before bed and I’m currently have a Protein-only or P+F meal (Grow w/ natural peanut butter).

How do bananas and eggs count as P+C? Eggs are part of a P+F meal unless you are only eating egg whites, and even then, you are missing out on much of the protein and other goodies that whole eggs have to offer.

Stick to good P+C sources (chicken, fish, cottage cheese, veggies, fruit, brown rice, etc.).

a meal I love post workout is usually a couple of chickne sandwiches, I let the chicken sit on a crock pot with buffalo wing sauce, then put on whole grain bread, yum.

Another post-workout P+C meal that I love is Smart Start cereal all over a cup of cottage cheese mixed with low carb grow. That’s good stuff.

When lazy, I always make some burritos or buy them at CHIPOTLE.

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