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60 lbs in 3 Yrs, Lean Progress


I was 17 5'9 128lbs here

19 5'11 191lbs 11% here

and finally 185lbs 8% in the attached image

My lifts are
Bench - 250x1
Squat - 315x2
Deadlift 405x2

any comments/questions welcomed, can find out more about me at youtube.com/NZhredder


Before pic attached:





anyone else getting a zyzz wannabe vibe?


great transformation man. solid gains!


The idea did pop into my head, yes.

Nice proportions, real impressive gains overall


finding out about zyzz was probably the best thing that ever happened to me.

he inspired my transformation and i've changed my life, i've never been happier than i am right now. i'm not trying to be 'the next zyzz', i want to be my own person. but i respect him and i owe him alot. rip


ZYZZ - was a tool!

Brings a bad name to people who take training and life seriously


You're a joke. Zyzz lived his life to the absolute fullest.
Did everything he could to achieve an amazing physique and inspired thousands of people to change their lives.

I guarantee he made a better positive impact on the world in his short life than you EVER will, show some respect.


Arrested for being in possession of steroids, and always comenting or offering advice on 'bicycling' (steroids) to even younger gym goers...

Mmmm sounds like he was a great role model.

Like I said, he was a tool


One young, complete novice 18yr old asked him if he would teach him to 'ride a bicycle' if he paid him. He said, 'fowshooow bro'

Hahaha.. What a tool. It's ignorant fools like that who promote dangerous use of steroids for youngsters

Once again, he was a tool (with a 6 pack)


Yeah, like i thought, you're an ignorant and uninformed sheep. Aziz Sergeyevich was never arrested for possession of steroids. Look it up.

Lol yeah so because he did steroids all of his other achievements become null and void? by that logic, Ronnie Coleman is a 'tool' and a terrible role model because he uses gear and denies it?

Post a picture of your physique, 10$ says you're a jealous fool. You should show some respect.

Meh, this is stupid, thread has devolved into a flame war already because one stupid fuck couldn't keep his mouth shut.


LOL - I bet you have picture of him on your wall. So cute!


Classic response after being made to look stupid.
Keep hating on others man, cultivate your jealousy and anger. It'll take you places in life.


Come on the dude used to wear make up and sold the most gay looking protein I've ever seen.. I actually saw it on a thread on this site and laughed my head off


Really sad that he died so young, but he was a complete tosser. Do yourself a favor and pull his poster off your wall.

But with regards to your progress - really good work.

PS: I didn't like the guy, but each to their own. I hope you realize that I was just messing with you!!


I've never understood that whole jealousy and contempt thing just because some dude looks better/pulls more chicks than you do/ is more famous than you (especially in relation to Zyzz, guys here hear tales of arnold's young life, they admire him for it, but some young guy from australia!??!? man fuck that faggot, who does he think he is!!! Even though zyzz's lifestyle was practically the same as a young Arnold)

why waste your time like that??

OP: solid physique dude


Looking solid man.

What are you rest periods between sets, supersets, and what does cardio look like? Always interested in what leaner people do.



OP, honest question, out of all the incredible physiques that have been developed by the world's greatest bodybuilders (Arnold, Yates, Cutler, Coleman, Haney) it really took zyzz is your role model?


You have to understand dude that what zyzz represented and stood for is different from what people on here believe in. Don't take the mockery of him personally, but you do look like you have modelled yourself on him.
Physique wise like most people who aspire to that kind of physique you need more back and legs


Dude has a nice physique, i don't get it?

Yet, we have no problem with fat guys who love IFBB pros.

This is Rate My Physique, not "Judge me for achieving what i strived for".

Oh wait, this is the internet. Nevermind...