60 Days In Progress Report

@lordgains I can not thank you enough!

Started a journey 60 days ago (jan 14th). Made some adjustments to my gear, currently working on some cholesterol issues but still killing it with training.

My goal was to get stronger and bigger. I was stuck at 128lbs for years. Thanks to the forum I got the help I needed. I am up a solid 3 pounds.

I will adjust caloric intake and boost that higher, taking it slow.

Currently at 131lbs, 1800 calories per day, 1 refeed per week. 95% paleo! 75mg test e per week, no other gear or supplements.

Added 5-10lbs per lift. feel great, best energy ever. lower does made huge difference. 48 years old.

Video 1 Intro and thank you.

Video 2 my dips! Any feedback would be as dope as my gear!


My advice is to bump up your calories. Every week add in 300 kcal. If you are gaining 1 lbs per week then you are at your bulking calories.

I’d also just get them up to 2300 right now, as your maintenance calories without any sports should be at 2000 kcal. With training that will be higher. The faster you get your metabolism back up and running, the faster you’ll feel better and make more progress.

Glad I could help.

right on, thank you. today is my long awaited lab draw. i will update results when they come in next week.

1800 calories today: chicken mayo salad, egg whites, cheese, seeds, veggies, kind bar, fruit, water and tea.

Rest Day
15 minute jog
15 minute walk

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