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60% carbs, 25% protein, and 15%fat

Is this an okay combination? My digestive system is really sensitive to protein (it bleeds), and I am not carb sensitive.

My man…go see a doctor! And no that macronutrient breakdown is not ideal for your goals.

Your digestive system bleeds because of protein? WTF?

Maybe you could elaborate on that just a bit. Honestly, I don’t think anybody’s going to be able to answer your question with that little info. Appropriate percentage for what? One meal? The day? What are your goals?

Just a helpful hint. I think you might need to do a bit more reading.

If your bleeding due to protein intake you need a physician asap.

These ratios could be alright if you have a very good glucose tolerance, especially if you are trying to add muscle. John Berardi has written an article on test procedures to find out if you are insulin sensitive, do a search.

Kurt, insurance or not, you need to get to a doctor. Blood in the stool can be a result of bleeding ulcers, hemorrhoids, polyps, colitis, diverticulitis, fissures or cancer of the colon. Your body composition goals should take a back seat to your health. I’m not preaching, here. Just very, very concerned.

Also, check out a book called “Eat Right For Your Type.” Once you’ve ruled out (or identified) a serious medical condition, following the ER4YT diet could take the strain off your digestive system, while at the same time helping you to achieve your body composition goals.

The best of luck to you, and please let me know how it goes!

Perhaps when you eat large amounts of protein you aren’t ingesting enough fiber, leading to constipation, hemorrhoids etc. Just a thought. I know when I get up to 400g a day of the stuff, I have to ensure I get enough fiber or else I can’t go.

It was just a hemmerhoid. I’m pretty sure I’m not insulin sensitive because I did massive eating last time with the given specifications and actually seemed to maintain the same body percent composition. As a matter of fact, I think it improved.

This time around, I wanted to try and use the correct breakdown that was given with the program. I guess it’s not going to work. I’ll just switch back to the 60,25,15.