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$60 a Month to Watch Football


My TV bill is $57 and change each month for the cheapest HD package with DVR. I'd save $5 ditching DVR.

If it weren't for DVR'd episodes of "Worst Week", and College Football and the NFL, I wouldn't even watch it.

Pisses me off.

Maybe I'll get into basketball when it comes on, but I doubt it. Too many games.

It may not even be the lack of good shows... but the lack of time. I don't even watch my DVR'd "Worst Week" shows that often...



And the cheapest internet is $35 AT&T DSL at my apartment... We're talking $90+ a month just for TV and Internet, just for me. I feel like a spoiled piece of shit, but I'm still pissed that it's so much money.


Who's your cable supplier?


There isn't one!

I'm in one of those apartments that signs contracts with companies to only allow their shit.

In my case, it's "AT&T Home Entertainment". And it's Dish Network through them. And they do not offer any cable or internet. There is no cable laid at any of these apartments by me. Same story everywhere you go around here.

And then you get to pick from the 3 tiers of AT&T DSL speed.

This is so stupid, this is in North Fort Worth, all professionals around here. People with money... and we're treated like college kids.


Oh, so you have Dish, which is satellite, and DSL which uses AT&T phone lines, right?

That sucks!!

I work for a cable company in Pa., so that's why I asked.