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6'0" 190lb. Looking to Compete, What Needs the Most Work?

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Are you looking to compete in bodybuilding or physique?

Legs, arms, shoulders, smaller waist. And, at your height, 10-15 pounds of overall size.

Thanks for the response, looking to do physique. Definitely need to bring up the shoulders and arms. I appreciate the feedback.

By this do you actually mean work on the V taper? Because surely the small amount of fat he has left to lose isn’t going to make his waist much smaller…?

Edit: or do you just mean he needs to shred down a bit more?

To my eye, he doesn’t have much fat to speak of (in his waist area or anywhere else), but he does have prominent obliques. OP, no direct oblique work ever.

Agree with focusing on delts and arms.

If you want feedback re Legs and/or Back, you’ll have to post relevant pics.

Like ED said, the obliques were the first thing I noticed after the arms, so it’d be a combo of tightening the waist with diet/training and working on the V-taper (the latter of which is never a bad idea for anyone at anytime, ha).

To be fair, the slightly leaning/slightly twisting pose could have something to do with it, but I’m expecting there to be some “oblique”/stubborn love handle visible from the back, which would need to go. A back pic (and leg pic, as I alluded to and ED outright said) would help give a better idea overall.

A straight on picture with flared lats would be a better way to analyze the waist question.

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Arms and shoulders.