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6 Years After 9/11


Having invaded afghan., Al-Qaeda Weak Right? Yeaahhhh... .. NO They're actually just as strong as they ever were.


I advise everyone who can to thank a US soldier for risking his life in Iraq and Afghanistan just so we can have a higher quantity of more expensive oil. Men, hats off to you. You're truly doing the lord's work.


Soldiers don't make policy asshole. It's not thier fault they are there so don't blame them.


Oh no, you touched the ultimate taboo...



They decided to do whatever they were told by whomever was elected.

That is not a decision someone is responsible for?

To serve the meatgrinder of the leviathan?

They just jump into a uniform and are washed free from all sins?

Cleaned by the blood of their enemies?


Luckily al Qaeda doesn't really exist. I think its funny that the word on the street is "al Qaeda" is supposedly at pre-9/11 strength.

I suppose that might sound real scary if you didn't know what "al Qaeda" was and what it was really like back then.



This post bothers me man. The Bush administration pretty much strong armed everyone to have their wars the way they wanted it. You think the military has a say in shit like this? No way. Soldiers follow orders ma man.



Weren't you in the Austrian military? You tell me, how did they deal with you if you did not follow orders? Did they kiss and hug your for being so morally superior? Maybe that's why Germany beats you guys in everything. German soldiers follow orders I bet. It must suck being second to Germany in...everything.


Last time they were "only following orders" you weren`t too happy.

What gives?

PLus, it is mandatory to serve in the Austrian army or to wipe peoples asses three months longer.

Every soldier in the US army VOLUNTEERED.

PS: Germany beats us in everything?

When did that happen?




You are just mad the US army slapped Austrian born Hitler and his Nazi's around just when it looked like he might defeat all of Europe aren't you?

It's ok. I understand that once upon a time Austrian mercenaries were some of the fiercest around, but every giant falls some time.

Soldiers join to serve the country voluntarily you are correct.

They do not have the power to argue with the current leaders decisions, even if they disagree.

You can't blame a soldier for a president's poor leadership skills.


Prison planet is the most ridiculous pile of shit for information ever.


You have me confused with somebody else.

So? They still don't make policy. They follow orders, that is what they are supposed to do, if they didn't it would be a volunteer army for long. Either way there would be an army and it would be doing what it is doing right now, volunteer or not.

I just said that to razz your nationalistic sensibilities. It obviously worked. They do however make better cars and have better tasting beers. Actually, they make cars and you don't. But hell y'all make Red Bull and recycle like motherfuckers. I really like Red Bull.


I agree that soldiers are not to blame for the policies of a given government.

After all, in the U.S., a lot of kids who dont come from wealthy backgrounds get lured into the military
as a way of getting career training, college funding or as a way to see the world.

They dont foresee it as a way to:

Go To Far Away Lands, Meet Exotic People, and Kill Them.


They don't foresee the killing but they should. I agree a soldier shouldn't be held accountable for his leaders ideas, but they should know they are soldiers.

It bugs me to hear soldiers complain about being soldiers as much as it irks me to hear people blame individual soldiers for Bush's actions.


You're wrong, sir.

Soldiers DO make policy.

Like no legislator possibly could.

Every law is enforced by violence. Every organized act of violence (i.e. war) requires willing participants.
One thing is absolutely clear: Our military men have been fighting, and will continue to do so, but they aren't protecting anybody in this country.


No, but I can hold them responsible for the decisions they make and it is pretty clear for more than 20 years now that the US have a national offense, not defense, and that is what they joined.

Not entirely true for the National Guardsm they got really fucked.

You cannot wash yourself free from your sins by turning your conscience over to a higher power, Milgram experiment and so on...

There is nothing noble, honorable or special about it, just an ape cowering before authority and excusing his failings with the magic piece of cloth he was made to wear.


You do know that the cars "they" build, or even the cars "you" build, misteriously roll down an assembly line in Graz?

It`s magic...



The hypocrisy runs strong on this issue.


And how would you run your military? Every man for himself? Boy I'd love to see that one in action. Or perhaps no military at all? That'd last long.


Correct me if I am wrong but last time I checked, the primary purpose for most militaries is to break things and kill people. If create a military with something other than that then it is something other than a military.

The personel in our military is no worse than the personal in other miltaries. They are doing what they are supposed to be. I am sure you are some bad-ass who'd tell a superior to get fucked. I am sure that is what you did in your year of service for the Austrian militaty. And I am sure they were perfectely ok with you doing that.

It doesn't matter if people signed up for the military voluntarily, because if they didn't we'd reinstate the draft here and the polocies and actions that you abhore would be going on anyway.

Besides, our biggest probelm in our current conflicts is that we have shown to much restraint and allowed to much access to the interworkings of our operations.

We could have been long done with both conflicts if we'd wanted to be, but the body count would be higher to. But then it really wouldn't affect you as you wouldn't really here about it.
Please express how you'd fight a kinder, nicer more gentle war?