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6 Year Transformation


this was my progress naturally from 2010-2016
my biggest struggle that haunts me is how uneven i am, it shows mainly when i am at a relaxed state. i have changed to using basically only dumbbells to try to help but nothing seems to be working for my chest or back, my arms have gotten closer where it isn’t noticeable since this “uneven” picture


All you’d need to do is put a tattoo on your other arm and you’d be even.

Seriously, tho what is imbalanced?

How’s the back and legs?


I work as a manual therapist and if these pictures represent your normal posture I don’t think your muscles are unbalanced in size, but that you have some postural imbalances. Pecs look a little off because your left shoulder is high which is stretching the left pec. Also looks like you favor the right side which is gonna shorten everything on that side causing the tilt in your neck and torso. Just my two cents. You could probably benefit from some soft tissue work. Either way still looking pretty good and I’m just nitpicking. Keep up the work.


hahaha, and my back is noticeably unbalanced from the front when i lift my arms not at all from the back, and my legs aren’t as noticeably far off, i did some machine that showed the balance between my body , i will try to upload a picture of the results


i really appreciate your response, i see what you are talking about and definitely agree, i will look into correcting posture as well as the soft tissue work, thanks !


I wouldn’t worry what machines say. What does the mirror show. Without seeing a picture of your back, it looks like shoulders, traps and, I imagine, lats are lagging.

What are your lifts?
I take it your 6’3" 181? What’s your goal?

While your posture sucks in that photo, it’s hard to say that it’s an actual issue. I mean, how can we know that you didn’t shrug your left shoulder slightly right as the photo was taken.


This isnt my thread but i might have the same problem. Except mines alot worse and is very noticeable. Im going to a doctor in a few weeks to see whats wrong with it but would you recommend going to a sports massagist?


That is a fine transformation!Two things which are lacking here are your shoulder blades and chest need to get a bit more on the wider side.Do more of flyes and side raises.


much appreciated!! will do


shoulders traps and lats are definitely lacking and fairly weak, i don’t skip them and i try to focus on my form as i’ve had rotator cuff issues but i don’t quite see results even after going through physical therapy.

i am 6’3 181 but would like to get to 200 at minimum i feel like that’s where i should be by now


What’s does your current routine look like? How long have you been on said routine?


google ‘body dysmorphia.’ You’re almost perfectly symmetrical dude. This is all in your head. As others have said, it’s possible that you have posture issues, but none with actual muscularity. You certainly have weak points. But you seem to be on the right track. I would focus on building up everything. If you want something to put some extra effort into, it should be back and shoulders. Also, my guess is you do very little heavy lifting, given your lack of traps. Deadlifts and cleans can fix that right up.


i switch it up about every month or two i will change back to high reps 12-15 for a month then go back into a main program which i have had most success with GVT which i am starting again now , that and 5x5 and FTS-7 are the three i rotate primarily throughout the year


really appreciate the response! will be putting extra focus on them moving forward


I don’t see any symmetry issues that you are talking about

That being said, if you are seeing them and allowing them in to your head you’re gonna suffer making mass gains trying too hard to grow a little here, then there…

I’d suggest focusing on adding a bit of size and getting your strength up and fine tune if needed once you have more muscle mass to work with

One thing that I might be not reading correctly is that you said you switch up training every month or two. Hopefully you are setting progression goals and reach them before moving on to another program. “Muscle confusion” has its place but severely over rated IMHO


Stick to a program for 3 months, minimum. Changing every month isn’t a good recipe for progress.


much appreciated response! yeah i think i got my head filled with the whole muscle confusion thing since that’s all i keep reading


NO worries. It’s a game you can really learn a lot about
GREAT info on T-Nation and this forum. Anyone who says they haven’t made mistakes along the way is lying
Muscle confusion is a principle but it gets too much credit over the big, bad and ugly basics.
I’d suggest creating a few ways to add overload in to your programming over the next year. I like Chad Waterbury’s articles for this


sounds good , i will extend the GVT i just started and look forward to the outcome!


ill take a look at them thanks again!