6 Year Lay Off Due to Illness!

Hi guys and gals

Ive just returned to the iron game after a 6 year lay off due to illness :-( If you go to supps and nutrition you can read my story "my journey back to life" but its a bit long so i`ll sum it up here briefly.

Did loads of drugs - nearly killed myself
Saw the light and started getting fit through exercising and weight training - got mercury poisoning.
At deaths door for over a year - got better :slight_smile:

So here i am and have been training for 2 weeks now woohoo!!
I think these forums rock and have been reading for a while but only just decided to post here now.

I guess i`m looking for you guys to egg me on a bit and give me a boost towards obtaining MY ideal physique.
I am self motivated and very disciplined and i had to be to get through the tunnel of shite i crawled through to come out smelling of roses the other side.

Im gonna post progress pics so you can all see how im doing and any feed back will be much appreciated :slight_smile:

The pic is of me aged 25 ish ( 29 in august )

Also if anyone has any Q`s on body/organ cleansing etc then i would be more than hapy to give some hints and tips as i studied and utilised countless therapies to get my body back to health.



Good luck dude. It sounds like one of your major hurdles are behind you.