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6 x Week Full Body Training

Hi people

I’m traing at the moment 3 x week fullbody workout,Chad W style
3 x 5 mon
3 x 8 wed
2 x 15 fri

But training only 3 times a week is just not working for me,i tend to get very iratable if i dont workout at least 6 times a week,so does anyone have any suggestions how to train the fullbody workouts 6 x a week.Very carfully i know but i have good recovery capabilities plus work an office job so its not like im stressed out of working hard during the day.
Any help would be appreciated.

just do GPP stuff.

[quote]gutlips wrote:
work an office job so its not like im stressed out of working hard during the day.

train for your specific goals. I got a desk job also. It does not mean that i can hit the gym more then 4 times a week with the way i workout. The goal of any routine is to improve thus you can answer your own question by looking at your own progress. If it stalls out while keeping all else equal then you are doing something wrong. Hey if you can keep improving at 6 hardcore workouts a week, more power to you. laters pk

CW wrote a Branding Iron witha 6x/week protocol, BUT he specifically cautioned against using it for more than one muscle group. I assume you’ll try it anyway, so you may as well start there. try the old branding irons, relatively recent, ie early this year

Do a split cycle. Split between upper and lower body, between push and pull, or whatever you feel like. So MWF, do one half of the split, and the other 3 days to the other half of the split.

“3 x 5 mon
3 x 8 wed
2 x 15 fri”

Why not
3 x 5 mon
2 x 15 wed
3 x 8 fri

Then you would get a heavy part, a “relaxer”, and then the way up progression to ya heavy day.

And a splitversion could be this:
Upper Body (UB)/Lower Bodysplit(LB).
Completely different workouts, so you get 6 sessions. Per workout max 4 exercises.

Day1 UB1 reprange 5
Day2 LB1 reprange 8
Day3 UB2 reprange 15
Day4 LB2 reprange 5
Day5 UB3 reprange 8
Day6 LB3 reprange 15

Week 2
Day1 UB1 reprange 5 + more weight
Day2 LB1 reprange 8 + more weight
Day3 UB2 reprange 15 + more weight
Day4 LB2 reprange 5 + more weight
Day5 UB3 reprange 8 + more weight
Day6 LB3 reprange 15 + more weight


For germans:

6 times a week eh’

After a year plus of concentrating most of my energy on dietary issues and experiments finding what worked best for ME. I finally nailed that and turned my eye to the training aspect.

I have been experimenting with this since May and am currently on my second 6 week cycle of a 6 week program I have been tweeking with many of CW’s priciples sprinkled with a bit of CT and now tweeked it further and am currently on one that has a lil west side thrown in. LOL

I have completed one full 6 week cycle and several little test cycles in order to get the right weigth %'s and such.

So I guess I will share the one that I have completed with good results with a breif description. I am only ending week 1 of a planned 6 of the program with some added tweeks so I cant say how the results from it will be yet.

If anyone has interest in this one just PM me and I can throw up a sample here or pm one back at ya. Or answer ?'s.

The basics.

First = each day based on 1 compound movement. What I used is in () but you could use others that go along the same plane of motion and fit the day.

day 1= push horizontal (flt bench)
day 2= pull horizontal (bo rows)
day 3= squat
day 4= push verticle (Military press)
day 5= pull verticle (chins)
day 6= deads
day 7=off

days alternate between heavy load, low vol. & moderate load, High volume. And it works out to having an A week and B week

A week =
day 1= push horizontal (Vol)
day 2= pull horizontal (heavy)
day 3= squat (vol)
day 4= push verticle (heavy)
day 5= pull verticle (vol)
day 6= deads (heavy)
day 7= off

B week =
day 1= push horizontal (heavy)
day 2= pull horizontal (vol)
day 3= squat (heavy)
day 4= push verticle (vol)
day 5= pull verticle (heavy)
day 6= deads (vol)
day 7=off

Each day you have a timer and you are in the gym NO longer than 35 minutes. PERIOD. If you are not done to friggin bad. You are done when the timer is done.

EAT BIG. Really depending on your goals, but hitting the gym hard 6 time a week require a great amount of intake for recovery.

High voume Moderate load days=

This day consist of a super set of a compound movement and an isolation ala. OVT. Example=flat bench and db fly’s. The isolation movement is done with a weight that can be easily completed for 10 reps at a slow tempo concentrating on TUT I use a (3/1/3) tempo. The compound movement is done as fast as possible while staying in control much like CW has laid out in ABBH. The reps and set I used were 5 set 10 reps at a roughly 65% 1 RM load. Increasing the weight 5% each week. Once again ala ABBH. You dont not change the supersetted isolation movement weight unless you chose one that is excedingly easy or it becomes exceddingly easy. Rest = 60 seconds. So you do bench then the flyes, then rest 60 seconds rinse and repeat 5 times then puke. This day you should find plenty of time left on your 35 minute timer. I fill this time with isolation movements that concentrate on the same muscles as that days compound movment, and keep the rep range high like the reps for this days compound movment. Ex. bench day I would further isolate my tri’s and pecs.
OK that should be it for high volume day.

Damn this is ending up much longer than I figured I should have written a friggin article and tried to get it published. LOL but who the hell would want to hear from “PHILL”

High load low (well lower) volume days=

Once again 1 compound movement and you super set it with 1 ab excercise. I chose three different ab mavements and prscribed each a day. Ex. i used weighted decline situps, db or cable side bends and weighted leg raises. OK. LOAD= approx. 85% 1 RM, Sets 10, Reps 3 and you add 1 rep each bi weekly when that day is repeated. ex. bench week 1 sets 10, rep 3, week 3, sets 10 reps 4, week 5 sets 10 reps 5. REST= 120 seconds. This day is even more straight forward and simple. You simply do all your super sets and leave NO isolation movements on these days. The super sets consist of ex. bench press once again. bench 3 reps, no rest, ab excersize ( I used a weight enough to keep me in the 5 or lower rep range), then rest 120 seconds. repeat ten times go home.

Thats is the basics of it. I will add that I used this program with some good success. Through completing a two week test to get the weights then 2 weeks of a three day push pull legs routine, the ran the program to completion through 6 weeks. I was able to put on some good #'s in size, and through eating big added I would guess a little over 12lbs LBM. Some fat also came along with this and there was mild 4-AD-EC cycle thrown in.

Oh after completeing the 6 weeks I recomend a BREAK. Down ramping your training for atleast 2 weeks I did 4, of a basic push/pull/legs three day 5x5 split. Then do it again if you enjoyed it.

Worked for me and after the down ramped weeks I began testing the new tweeks to the program that I am using now and from those early short term results and after finishing 1 week, I feel that this one will be even MO’ Betta. LOL I’ll let you know.

Hope you like it, end improvised training article by, ignore all spelling and grammer errors LOL It’s on the friggin forum not a published article, either way I enjoyed pecking it down

So I guess that is it. Once again if anyone is interested in further details just give me a holler.


Damn forgot. Cardio, someone is bound to ask. I did three day of weighted hill walking with my x vest. On the heavy load days.