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6 Wks to Superhero, Not Enough Bars?

Well the intention is to do the 6 weeks to superhero program, the problem is that I work out with my own kit at home and don’t have enough bars or plates to load up the different lifts so that I could do them as a circuit with 30 secs between as instructed.

The two options I’ve thought of are
A) do the workouts with a mate and have them set up each lift during each break and then do the same for them after I’m done
B) do the 4-6 sets of the first movement then the 4-6 sets on te second etc

Thoughts? Which would be best or are there other work around which I haven’t thought of?
Cheers guys

Why not just pick a different program? Its unlikely that you’ve maxed out all other potential options. If you have limitations on your equipment, then you need to take that into consideration when selecting or making a program.

Your best bet would be option B. I personally would not want to rely on other people for my workouts.

If you can’t do the program as written or with minor modifications, do a different program, one that is practical for you.

Option B is NOT 6 Weeks to Superhero. It’s conceptually a very different program.

You COULD try using shorter complexes (3 stations for example) still going from max strength to endurance. I’ve done that before with just 1 bar for a lot of movements. E.g. A1 Bench press A2 Speed bench with 2s pause at bottom A3 Incline push-ups or plyo push-ups (first for max reps as endurance, second as per article as an explosive movement). That way you just have to strip a bit of weight off the bar between A1 and A2. You can arrange thing similarly for the other movements.

It’s not 6 weeks to superhero, but it’s based on the same concepts.


Just do a different program. Its pretty useless for most people because most gyms are far too busy to do supersets like that, and home gyms don’t have enough equipment.

Yeah fair enough. Just liked the idea of it and was trying to make it work
I’ll try putting something else together with the same overload-explosive progression on different movements but achievable at my home gym like BiP suggests

Cheers though guys

Just use your rest period to set up for the next exercise. Only changing between the first two exercise requires the most after that there really isn’t much of a change. You have 30-90 seconds of rest so you should be able to set up and still have some rest time.

yeah thats what i was wondering is if I could do it myself after the set and still have any rest before beginning the second exercise