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6 Whole Eggs a Day


i eat 6 eggs a day, 3 for breakfast and 3 after my workout. my mum says its bad for me but what do you guys think?


..i eat 10 eggwhites a day, and the only downside to that is a touch of acne. You can't beat an egg's bio-availability, so eat up...


i eat the whole egg egg white and egg yolk, is the egg yolk ok?


..the yolk contains alot of fat and cholesterol, so if you're eating alot of eggs better cut out the yolk and stick to eggwhites only...


eggs relate to acne?


I hate wasting food. I eat the yolk. Never hurt my blood tests in the least.


Epherm, eating cholesterol doesn't strictly lead to an increase in cholesterol particularly bad cholesterol. There are other factors.

Also, you don't even know the guys goals and caloric requirements. Can you tell me what is wrong with fat?


and protein; nearly half of the egg's protein is in the yolk.


I am beginning to realize that teenagers blame nearly everything (except the fact that they are teenagers) for why they get acne.


I thought acne was caused by excess monkey spanking - and it was the damned egg whites all along.


It's fine. I eat at least that amount each day. Whole eggs, not this "just the white" crap. The yolk is the best part of the egg. Nutrient dense, good fat, anti catabolic etc.

And no, I don't believe that you can raise your cholesterol by eating egg yolks or get fat from them, hehe.


Switch to the Omega-3 eggs, which contain roughly 10 times the amount of DHA found in regular eggs.

The yolk does contain about half of the protein found in a whole egg, which is why I never toss the yolk out. If you discard the yolks, just remember to add the necessary amount of egg whites to make up for protein loss. If you're anal about it you can always buy a carton of egg whites and just mix a couple of whole eggs in so it has a little taste. Judging from your screen name, however, I would just eat the whole egg and tell your mum to stop bitching.


sounds good, ill tell my mum to shut up, however she does also bitch about the amount of tuna (mercury) im eating, i eat 2-4 cans a day, anything wrong with that?


Never tell your Mom to shut up. Have some respect!


In all reality, if a kid can get the words, "Mom, shut up!" out of his mouth without being slapped back in time to before he was born, you really have no one to blame but the parents.


2-4 cans might be a bit much. shrug
Get some cottage cheese, ground beef, chicken tits to meet those protein demands.


The mercury is more of a real thing...I'd cut back, eat some chicken instead. If for no other reason than to vary your protein sources.

If you're hellbent on eating tons of tuna switch to albacore, there's supposedly less mercury in them.


If you're trying to gain weight, eat the whole eggs. The yolks are healthy and the saturated fat/cholesterol in them has been shown to have no effect on blood cholesterol. But if you can, eat free range or organic, or omega-3 eggs.

As for tuna - yeah, you might want to take some precautions about the mercury. Still, you're eating WAY healthier than the average teen, if I were your mom I'd be counting my lucky stars my kid wasn't living off junk food and getting fat, like so many teens.

If you want to counteract the mercury in tuna, supplement with N-Acetyl-Cysteine - it's very effective for helping the body detoxify from heavy metals. It's also a potent antioxidant.


Yeah, don't tell her to shut up, just tell her to quit complaining about your eating habits. Inform her that eating eggs or tuna is much better than the highly processed foods that clutter up the shelves of most supermarkets nowdays.


I'd have to agree with the majority here. I consume 4 whole organic eggs a day, 4 or 5 times per week and have low cholesterol (at least the last time I checked). I used to seperate the yolk years ago, then realised the white was getting lonely so re-united them, now they both love me and the feeling is quite mutual. (I should've written kids stories)